XCENTZ 36W Wall Charger

XCENTZ 36W Wall Charger – Today we’re taking a look at the XCENTZ 36 watt power delivery wall charger. So the XCENTZ power delivery wall charger is, of course, a handy charger for your electronics. Personally, I like products like these with so many electronics lying around. Is it just makes life more straightforward, but they still charge in the speeds I require.

If we start with the unboxing that we’ve got excellent simple packaging. When we open it up, we’ve got the owner’s guide followed by the charger itself, and that’s it. The charger is made of solid plastic and metal contacts. And it’s in a compact square shape.

The actual contacts to plug into the wall are foldable. Meaning you can actually transport this in a pocket nice and easily. On the front, we’ve got two ports. The USBC port is 18-watt power delivery, and the USBA port is an 18-watt quick charge three.

XCENTZ 36W Wall Charger Specs

Both ports can be used at the same time to provide 18-watt fast charging to your devices. XCENTZ 36W Wall Charger has all the required safety protection to protect your devices from things like overcharge, over-voltage or over temperatures. So you can rest assured that your devices are going to be safe.

When it comes to these type of products, there’s really not too much else to say. It does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. And I guess this is aimed more at the people that are gonna carry this around, considering its small compact size.

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I’ve now added this to my bag as it allows me to charge my Pixel4 quickly. And easy to get the same time charging speed and also still arriving at the quick charging I need. So I thought I would showcase this product to you, as it may be useful to many.

And of course a full disclosure. They did send this to me for free, and I didn’t pay for it. For those who want to purchase one or simply take a closer look, it’s currently $22. And I think it’s a fair price if this is what you’re after.