UMIDIGI X Specification, Features, Price

UMIDIGI X Specification, Features, Price – Today we’re doing a full review of the UMIDIGI X. so the UMIDIGI X is another budget phone that offers the features people need without the expensive price tag. We get a nearly full-screen AMOLED display with the triple camera setup, including a 48-megapixel sensor. And all for just one hundred and sixty pounds or two hundred and twenty dollars. Today we’ll be doing a full review to find out the good and the bad and see if this could be a suitable choice for you.


If we start with the unboxing, I was actually impressed here. And we do get some excellent quality packaging for such a budget device. First, in the box, we get the phone itself inside a protective case. The phone also comes with a screen protector pre-installed. Next, we get a package containing the instruction manual along with the sim removal tool. And finally, we get the USB wall charger and a USB Type-C cable.


So the UMIDIGI X is, in my opinion, a reasonably good looking phone. We’ve got a nearly full-screen display on the front, thanks to the waterdrop style notch. And on the back, we’ve got a glass panel with a red accent running down from the cameras. This is the black flame model I have here, but it also comes in a breathing crystal blue. So to start with, the display is a six-point three five-inch AMOLED display. That’s protected by Gorilla Glass 4. The brightness levels are great, and the color looks fantastic. One downside here, however, is that the resolution of the phone is actually 720 by 1548. Meaning it’s not full HD, it still looks nice and clear, and of course, this is a budget phone. But for you like myself, who are used to full HD plus displays. Then you will be able to notice a difference.

The UMIDIGI X also has an in-display fingerprint scanner, and this is, of course, an optical sensor. The fingerprint scanner works well and one, not the fastest, it does not unlock the device in plenty of time. The phone also has face unlock, which works well, but it is, of course, a 2D face unlock. The water drop not houses a 16-megapixel selfie camera but covered the camera test shortly.

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If we switch over to the rear of the device, you can see we get a triple camera setup. It consists of a 48-megapixel primary sensor, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. It’s capable of taking videos at a max resolution of 1080p, but again we’ll cover that shortly. The phone is comfortable to hold. It comes in at a weight of 202 grams. And the phone dimensions are 150 8.6 by seventy-five point six by eight point one millimeters.


When it comes to hardware, the phone’s powered up by the Helio P 60 system chip. Which is an Octa-Core CPU along with the Mali G72 GPU. or not the most powerful, It is still a fully capable chipset and good enough for things like gaming. The phone comes with four gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of internal storage. And you can also expand this with microSD. The phone powered by a 4150 milliamp-hour battery that easily lasted the day in my testing. The fact that it’s an AMOLED display at 720p really seems to help with this.

It comes with Android 9 Pie, and it’s a near-stock version of Android with minimal blow wear. One thing to mention, however, is that I wouldn’t expect you UMIDIGI to ever release an Android 10 update. It is powered by USB Type-C and supports Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, but it doesn’t support NFC. Great news for audio fans though it does come up with a three and a half mil headphone jack. So after using the phone for about a month. I can say it’s a pretty decent phone considering its price, but there are still some drawbacks.

The phone is smooth and responsive at all times, and the software is excellent. The UI looks incredible in the brightness and colors of the display really do make for a pleasant experience. I just wish it could have been 1080p. Watching media on the device is good, but again, for those that are used to 1080p, then you may notice a difference. The speaker was pretty reasonable, and what I expected from the device. When at full volume, the treble did become a little bit tinny. If I was to step back a couple of levels, it sounds great.

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For those who want to do mobile gaming, it’s a perfectly capable device as well. The Helio P60 is still able to run the latest mobile games with excellent detail and frame rates. I first tested with Asphalt 9, and as you can imagine, it looks and performs well. The game plays very smoothly while retaining a constant framerate. Next, I tried call of duty mobile, and the graphics setting defaulted to medium. It looks great and plays incredibly smoothly, and this is definitely an enjoyable experience for gaming. After turning the graphic details too high, it’s still played very smoothly. And I continued to keep it on this setting and had no issues at all.

Finally, I tried PUBG Mobile and again if performed well. It did perform much better on medium settings, but it was playable on high. For those that are after a cheap phone for gaming, then this will be perfectly fine, and it will do a great job. The fact that we have a three and a half mil headphone jack only makes things better.

Now it’s a moment to take a look at the camera’s performance. So in terms of the rear camera, I’m not overly impressed with the video quality in detail, but this is a budget phone. Audio came out pretty well, considering there was a little bit of wind. There’s very little stabilization, but I was purposely recording when walking it just to see how this performed. When it comes to the selfie camera, the quality is, of course, much lower, but again, the audio was excellent. We have to remember, of course, that this isn’t a flagship, so we can’t expect perfect results. When it comes to photography, it did perform much better than video in terms of quality in detail.

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Well, it’s not the best. We still have reasonable detail and color accuracy on the normal shots. On portrait shots, it did give us the portrait blur effect. But it did also blur slightly around the edges of the object that was in focus. Overall I would say the cameras are performing okay for the cost of the device. It’s great that we’ve got the additional wide-angle lens. But I think maybe it could have been a better idea just to do it’s slightly better. For those who want to know benchmark results, I first ran it through Antutu, where we got a total score of one hundred and sixty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty-three.

UMIDIGI X Benchmark

If we break that down, it was seventy-two thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight for the CPU. Twenty-seven thousand 660 for the GPU. Thirty-eight thousand three hundred and seventeen for memory. And finally twenty-nine thousand at one hundred and eighty-eight for the UX. I then headed over to Geekbench, and here we got a single-core score of two hundred and ninety-nine. And a multi-core score of one thousand four hundred and sixty-five.

Overall it’s a nice phone to use and not bad for something that’s more budget in the price range. The phone was fast and responsive on the screen is both bright and colorful. As I said earlier, for those that are used to 1080p displays. And then it definitely is something to consider. Well, though, I didn’t really notice when gaming. When it comes to cameras, it does do the job. And while good in its price range, I would maybe consider something else if your primary need for a phone is just photography. But for those who just want a good all-rounder or something cheap for gaming it, then it’s definitely a great contender.