Twitter just trolled the whole planet

Twitter just trolled the whole planet – Lots of personalities do — but in contemporary terms, it has not been tolerable due to Twitter’s verifying arrangements. To spread salt on Wednesday night, the verified Twitter Comms report out this message:

At the time of reporting, that tweet has continued retweets over 74K accounts and 119.5K likes — but not an individual personality has responded. The idea? It was completely just an excellent joke.

Replies on Twitter Comms are usually unwanted since anyone who submitted it employed the brand new respond functionality that Twitter currently to be tested to reduce responds to anyone talked about inside the tweet itself (no one).

Twitter just trolled the whole planet

You’ve reached fingers it towards the Twitter Comms social media marketing administrator – that tweet will be equally a fairly smart (and now on viral) joke and a terrific way to draw attention to the latest features.

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