Top Five Reasons Why Google Release A Pixel Watch

Top Five Reasons Why Google Release A Pixel Watch – These are the top five reasons why Google must introduce a pixel watch now, no time to waste, let’s go.

Number Five

The Apple Watch is becoming a way better option. Slowly but surely the Apple watch has gotten better and better. The first version was kind of a mess, and the operating system matched. Then watch OS got better, the screens got more significant, and the watch gained health functions. It can also connect it to cell networks with series 5. There’s finally an always-on display, according to Strategy Analytics Apple shipped 5.7 million watches in the second quarter of 2019, its global market share was 46 percent that’s nuts.

The Apple Watch Series 3 available now starts at $1.99, honestly, if Apple offered an Apple watch that worked on Android. I think we’d be looking at complete Apple domination. It would be like when Apple lets Windows users use iPods, “game over.”

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Number Four

You’ve got Google 5, Google has its own virtual mobile network built on top of three US carriers. The plans start at 20 bucks per month, getting a dedicated data plan for a watch seems a bit odd, but Google is in the position to create a tiny data plan for its own clock.

One of the more significant questions about smartwatches is why bother to use one when you have a phone. The more pixel watch can act on its own, the more likely it is you may use it instead of your phone. Google could even give pixel watch buyers a free 3-month trial with FI, why? Because Google can get a jump on the competition while you got a chance.

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Number Three

You’ve got Google assistant, in my humble opinion, the assistant is far more useful than Siri Alexa and Vic’s fee. Let’s focus on Amazon’s efforts for a little bit, the company introduced a wearable ring called “echo loop” and a pair of glasses called “echo frames.”

Alexa is also on the Fitbit Versa 2, Amazon is offering people ways to carry Alexa on themselves all the time. An assistant is locked to third-party watches. That’s just not right, Google announced it was working on its next-generation assistant back in May, this new version would be able to handle questions and commands on the device, with what Google says is nearly zero latency this would work even without a network connection.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

Now think about that, Google Assistant on your wrist, and it does not necessarily need a network connection to work, that’s huge. Google is the one going on the next assistant, it should get that assistant on its own watch ASAP. Also, a pixel watch could be a great complement to Google smart home efforts, just talk to your wrist to control your home, but also help the pixel watch stand out against the field.

Number Two

There are too many where OS watches if you go to Google’s where OS site, you can choose the perfect watch for you. You are presented with over 40 options. Which one is any good, you can research each and everyone, but I think that exhausts consumers. That’s just too many options.

There are also tons of Android phones, if I’m a consumer and I want a Google phone at least Google offers the pixel phone, is it the best phone that’s a matter of opinion. But it is definitely the most googly phone you could buy, yes Google could anoint a watch as its picked, kind of like the old Google Play edition or Nexus branding. But that’s the past the pixel is the future.

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Number One

There is no great where OS watch, what’s the best watch for Android phones that might be one of those new Samsung watch options, but guess what they don’t run where OS, they run Samsung’s own thing. Google is behind were OS, but none of the watch companies out there have put out a watch that blows away all the rest.

Google Pixel Watch Design

Google Pixel Watch Design

I spoke to someone at Google, and I won’t give away their identity. And they said their watch OS watch was quote not terrible, “not terrible” sometimes, when you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Google, you’ve got the hardware knowledge, and you’ve got the software knowledge, you are at a distinct advantage. Put it all together, while you still can. Who knows, if Google bothers to make its own watch, maybe where OS will get better and faster.

A pixel watch is something Google needs to keep where OS a viable option, by the way, did you know that where OS watches work with iOS, but what human in the right mind would pick a where OS watch over an Apple watch for their iPhone, Google needs a no brainer option for Android people. Thank you for coming, I’ll see you online soon.