TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Dual Display Smartwatch Review

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Dual Display Smartwatch Review – Today we’re taking a look at the Mobvoi Tickwatch Pro 4G. One of the first where OS smartwatches with 4G connectivity. So, first of all, we’ll start with the unboxing that we’ve got a well-packaged product with all the features, etc. on the back.

When we open it up, we first get the Tickwatch Pro, and behind that, we get the instruction manual along with the USB charger. The charger has the pin connectors that line up with the watch. And the tick watch pro attaches to this magnetically, making it easy to place on the dock when charging. Will quickly run through the specs and then take a look at the features and how well this performs.

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Design

The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android. Tickwatch Pro has many useful features for tracking our sleep and sporting activities. And thanks to their well-thought-out design that we can use different modes to save battery. When it comes to the display, we’ve got a dual display, which is great for battery life. We’ve got the AMOLED display for the regular use of the watch. And when that’s not in use, we have a monochrome LCD display that’s always on and consumes much less power.

We can actually turn the AMOLED display off and use the LCD only if we want to use it as just a regular watch. It will then only show us the time date and steps. And the watch can last for a long time in this mode. To bring back the AMOLED display, we simply press one of the buttons to use it as a regular watch. And for those who don’t want this, there’s also an always-on display mode that will keep the AMOLED display on, but it will, of course, use more power. And of course that we do have the auto-brightness settings to save on battery life when using the AMOLED display.

We’ve also taken battery-saving a step further and provided us with an essentials mode. When in the essential mode, we have the LCD screen only. And pressing the button will not bring the AMOLED display back on. We can still touch the bottom button to take our heart rate. But you won’t be receiving any notifications. When using in the essential mode, you’ll only lose a couple of percentage batteries each day. So this can be very useful if you can’t have a charge. To exit essential mode, we simply press and hold at the top button to reboot into the standard mode.

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TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Design

When it comes to the general use of the watch, it’s great. Everything is very responsive, and we can swipe through apps and menus at nice and easily. It has the tilt awake feature by default, so it will always be on the LCD display until we actually need to take a look at the screen. Navigation on the Tickwatch Pro also works very well. The top button is the back button, the bottom button is to track fitness activity. And we can also swipe the screen to navigate.

The great thing about the bottom button is we can single press to start fitness tracking. Double press to activate Google pay for those who want to make payments using the watch and NFC. And we can also long-press this button for another menu. The menu allows us to send an SOS if required, at which we’ll immediately dial emergency services and broadcast your location. We can also enter the essential mode we talked about earlier, restart, power off, and we can even customize what app this button opens.

If we swipe right on the main display, it takes us to the Google assistant. Where we can speak to it as you would normally. If we swipe left, it brings us to our tiles where we can view things like steps, weather, and calendar. You can also customize these tiles to include the things you need. And one thing I like here is that if we read something like a Whatsapp message. It will also provide us with some quick reply options to just press. It’s great that we can read all of our messages and notifications on the watch.

If we swipe down that, we get flight mode, settings, speaker on or off, Google Play, screen off, and finally, a do not disturb mode. If we hold down on the main display, it also allows us to pick from the default watch faces. And we can, of course, download more and use any watch face from Google Play. If we single tap the top button, it shows us a list of our apps. And of course, being where OS we can head to the Play Store and download the apps we need. Being where OS is more of a limited version of the Play Store. But it also allows you to search by voice commands. Which makes things much more comfortable, of course, when using a watch.

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When it comes to fitness tracking, you can use your google fit apps. And we also have the tick exercise here. You can set your exercise activity before starting, or we can enable tick motion in settings. Tick motion will proactively track your activities in the background without the need to manually set them. The TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE offers improved autonomous tracking. And 24/7 heart rate monitoring in the background. We can use the mobile app on our mobile to view our fitness activities. And the watch pairs with the phone to make this setup nice and easy.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Specs

We can also track our sleep with the tick sleep app. this uses artificial intelligence to detect and track our sleep without pressing any buttons automatically, and it will give us information on the sleep. It provides us with an analysis of sleep cycles in time spent sleeping. And includes our heart rate with every stage of the period.

Unfortunately, I can’t get much data on this watch because, personally, I cannot sleep while wearing a watch. But I know it’s a feature that many people require. You can also use the smart tick alarm that monitors your sleep cycle. And it will wake you up with a subtle vibration when in a state of light sleep. We’ve also got a built-in speaker for Google assistance and notifications. And we can even listen to music on the watch.

Well, not the loudest speaker, it’s good enough for what we need, and it can still be heard clearly. Now one of the key features of the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE is, of course, the cellular connectivity. Because of the 4G connectivity, you can make calls, texts, and use data wherever you are on your phone can stay at home. Unfortunately, I can’t test this myself is 3 in the UK doesn’t currently support this. However, many networks do. It supported by Verizon in the USA and Vodafone in the UK and Germany. And more boy is working to extend the support to other carriers.

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TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Specs

We’ve got a dual-display on the Tickwatch Pro. Consisting of a 1.4 inch AMOLED along with a monochrome LCD display. These are protected at by Gorilla Glass 3. it contains 4 gigabytes of storage with 1 gigabyte of RAM and runs on where OS. It’s powered by the Snapdragon wear 2100, and it has a 415 milliamp-hour battery. With some high power safe features for the long-lasting battery.

It’s got a built-in speaker. It’s ip68 water-resistant, and it can be used for swimming tracking. It has NFC, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.2, and 4G LTE. Finally, it, of course, has sensors to monitor heart rate, detect ambient light, and an off-body sensor. The Tickwatch Pro 4G has a military standard and a durability certificate. The watch face is made of a poly minding glass fiber with anode stainless steel bezel in the aluminum back cover.

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Price

We get a silicon strap, which is ideal for swimming in it’s both lighter and thinner than the previous Tickwatch Pro Bluetooth. Another great advantage over the Bluetooth model is 1 gigabyte of RAM. Which really helps boost the speed and performance of the device. So when it comes to smartwatches, I’m personally a big fan of where OS. it means we can easily link our phone, and if we need more apps or what faces, we can simply get them from the Play Store.

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE Price

It’s a great feature that means that the times you do forget your phone. Or simply don’t want to take it out, then you’re not going to miss out on anything. Especially is we can even make payments from the watch. Overall I think the Tickwatch Pro is great. It offers everything we need from a SmartWatch and a fitness tracker. And I believe it has been well thought out with the customizations to suit your personal needs. The watch is currently available on Amazon for 249 pounds or $300 in the USA. of course, full disclosure this article is sponsored by TicWatch. They’ve sent me this for free and asked for a review for you guys. But of course, it does not change any opinions.