Sony A7C Price, Specs, Release Date

Sony A7C Price, Specs, Release Date – Sony just isn’t stopping when it comes to new camera releases this year. One thing that I’m really excited to show you because right now, this is the world’s smallest, lightest full-frame camera body with interchangeable lenses and this new color option. This is the all-new Sony A7C compact camera. This is actually an entirely new category for sony is the compact camera line. Now, this camera is full-frame starting price is 1799 for the body and 20.99 with an all-new 20 to 60 millimeter f4 zoom lens.

Sony A7C Price

They’re also coming out with some new smaller compact lenses to go with this because this is so light you want to have a nice light lens to go with it. I know that it’s incredibly overwhelming the number of cameras out there, especially just in the sony family. But when creators start looking for that real first mirrorless camera to upgrade to. I’m so excited that this is now an option; what’s the lowest cost I can get for a camera without sacrificing too many features is a question that I get so often. And I’m always on the hunt for that answer.

I used to make a ton of travel content, and the camera that I would mostly use was the Sony A6500. But this would have been the camera that I would have gravitated towards if this was out back then. Now I know that the new Sony A7S is coming out very soon, and that will be my main camera of choice, but the camera is very expensive, and it is a higher-end production camera, and it’s not for everyone. We almost always have a second camera on shoots and because this is so light. This is going to be perfect to put on a ronin or to use on our sliders or even just use it as a second off-camera angle.

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Sony A7C Specs

Let’s also just come back to the fact that this is a full-frame camera. A lot of the previous mirrorless cost-efficient cameras have the smaller aps-c sensor. So this will let you use full-frame lenses, and Sony A7C will significantly improve your photo or video quality, especially when shooting in low light. And have I showed you this, it’s got the flip-out screen; this is something that is going to make everyone’s lives so much easier. This was the one deciding factor of why a lot of people ended up not getting a sony camera is because when you are vlogging and filming yourself, being able to have that flip-out screen is amazing.

Now they tried to compensate for that by 6400 has a flip-up screen. But when you have a camera that has interchangeable lenses and a hot shoe for audio, you’re gonna want to put a microphone on this. And when you put a microphone on this flip-up screen, just take a guess what happened, spoiler alert, you couldn’t see the screen. Thankfully a lot of these cameras do have really good onboard audio, so it wasn’t always necessary to have. When that a7s3 with a flip-out screen was announced, that’s it. It’s a game-changer.

So the a7s3 is a little more like this form factor. It is heavier. So they’ve also moved the lens piece over here to the left, so it does mimic more of the a6400 and more in this alpha line; this just feels so huge at this point. I mean, you guys can see the size difference in the sensor here. I also really like the new body that they have for this compact camera. This silver it kind of reminds me more of like a vintage camera, but it just looks slick it looks updated this looks like a real 2020. Well, don’t say it looks like 2020, but I’m just saying like a camera of the time like an updated look, a nice new modern feel.

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Sony A7C Release Date

So Sony A7C will shoot 4k 30 and 24, and in 1080 you can do 24 30, 60, and 120. this also has sqm, which we use a lot, especially for doing time lapses or slow-motion videos. It’ll automatically perform them into a video, so you don’t have to be messing with a bunch of photos to create a time-lapse. Its insistence does it all automatically for you in the camera.

My biggest complaint with some of the smaller cameras from Sony in the past was the smaller batteries that they used. You’d have to carry around so many of these extras just to make it through the day or shoot. This one, though, uses the newly updated z batteries, which will give you up to 140 minutes of movie recording or 740 images. Which is great news because this also doesn’t have a recording limit for video.