Samsung Said The Galaxy Fold Are The Future

Samsung Said The Galaxy Fold Are The Future – So when Samsung introduced the first Galaxy Note back in 2012, it created a new category of smartphones called Phablets. It had a 5.3″ display, which back then was considered huge for a smartphone. People, media mocked Samsung for creating this handset.

But as it turns out, every one of them was wrong. Samsung saw the future back then, and big-screen phones are mainstream right now. To the point that the original Galaxy Note seems like a very tiny device in today’s standards. Last year, people said the same thing about the foldable phones, the Galaxy Fold in particular. People said it’s a gimmick, it won’t sell, it’s not the future, nobody should spend money on a foldable phone and whatnot.Galaxy Fold Is A Junk

Folding Phone Is Stupid Idea

And it looks like Samsung is proving them wrong yet again. You might have heard recently that there’s a very high demand for the Galaxy Fold. Even though it got a lot of negative PR because of the issues, the review units were experiencing due to some design flaws, and also though it has a crazy price tag of $2000, each and every pre-order of the Galaxy Fold has been sold out so far.

Sold Out 30 Minutes In India

In fact, in some countries, it’s been selling out in record times. Today we have a report out of South Korea from a website ETNews that says Samsung will reach its target of half a million sales of the Galaxy Fold in 2019. Remember that the Galaxy Fold went on sale on September 6th, so it’s technically only four months.

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500K in 4 months is an excellent beginning for the Galaxy Fold, considering the price tag and the issues it had. Now considering the unique demand for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has increased the sales target for foldable phones in 2020. Samsung is aiming to sell up to six million foldable phones next year. Yes, you heard that right 6 million.

Sold Out 30 Minutes In India

Samsung actually thought about increasing it to 10 million but decided to settle at the six million figure. Now, this isn’t just wishful thinking, but as per reports, Samsung has gone ahead and ordered 6 million foldable display units for next year, which indicates that the foldable smartphone is indeed the future.

They may not replace our regular smartphone in the next few years, but eventually, it will happen. Samsung is releasing the successor to the Galaxy Fold, which will likely be launched in April.

And as per reports, it’ll be the first commercial phone to have an under-display camera technology. Samsung will also use flexible glass starting next year for its foldable phones. Right now, the display is a plastic polymer that isn’t as durable as glass. But adjustable glass will make sure to make the device more durable.

Which I think will act as a catalyst to the growth of the foldable smartphone genre. The bottom line, Samsung was right all along that the foldable smartphones are the future of mobile computing, some of you might still disagree just like those people who said the original Galaxy Note was a bad idea. But the demand and people’s enthusiasm for the Galaxy Fold even with that crazy price tag indicates that the foldable genre will take over sooner or later.

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