Samsung Got 3D Facial Scanner on Galaxy S11 Variants

Samsung Got 3D Facial Scanner on Galaxy S11 Variants – So Samsung flagships have two biometric unlocking solutions. The first one is the 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that uses your finger to unlock the phone. It was introduced with the Galaxy S10. The second is the face unlock, but the thing is it’s a 2D facial scanner which means it can be easily fooled with a picture of yourself.

Samsung used to have an Iris scanner as well, but they got rid of it with the Galaxy S10 in favour of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. That said, Samsung released 4 Galaxy S10 devices. Those are the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, S10+ and the Galaxy S10 5G.

The S10 5G is the most expensive, the most feature-packed smartphone of the bunch. It has 5G as well as it’s the only one in the S10 series to have a time of flight sensor on both front and back. Samsung primarily used this time of flight sensor to measure depth. To take better portrait photos on both front and rear cameras.

But the thing is a time of flight sensors can also act as a real-time 3D facial scanner. So the S10 5G already could offer a 3D facial scanner, but for some reason, Samsung didn’t enable it. But thankfully that is changing with a software update. With the OneUI 2 users of the S10 5G will get the 3D facial scanner. As you can see this twitter user in South Korea already got it.

S11 Face Unlock

He’s in OneUI 2 beta right now, so if you have this device and you’re in a beta program. Then it’s worth checking this feature out. None of other Samsung devices including the Galaxy Note 10 have a time of flight sensor upfront so no cookies for us. But it’s possible that the Galaxy S11 would get this feature as well. Provided Samsung is going for a pill-shaped cutout for one of the Galaxy S11 variants.

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We heard a talk a few days ago that Samsung is working on advanced facial recognition feature for the Galaxy S11. We also heard rumours that Samsung is ramping up the production of time of flight sensors.

I guess it’s safe to say one of the Galaxy S11 variants will probably have a 3D facial scanner as well. It’s totally possible that the Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update was just a testing phase to see how the 3D face unlock feature would run with real users and get some feedback. Then perfect the technology just before the launch of the Galaxy S11.

So the Galaxy Fold has a good run. It was selling out in record times in almost everywhere it went on sale. And the same story continues in China as well. The Galaxy Fold sold out in under 5 minutes. A third party retailer in China is reporting that it sold out from their website there in just 2 seconds.

Samsung had 20000 units up for sales. 20000 is not a significant number but considering the price of $2300 in China. And the all-new form factor it’s impressive nonetheless. Samsung is all set to reach its target of half a million sales before the end of this year. And considering the demand, they might go even higher.

Samsung’s CEO said in an interview a couple of days ago that they’ll sell significantly more units of foldable phones next year which, according to rumours is going to be at least 6 million.