Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price, Specs, Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price, Specs, Release Date – So as you already know, the Galaxy Z Flip is going to be the second foldable smartphone from Samsung. The first one is, of course, the Galaxy Fold launched last year at the Galaxy S10’s unpacked event. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is going to be launched at this years’ unpacked event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Previously there were multiple rumors that the handset will be affordable. The last time we heard from Korean media, it was said that the handset will cost $850 at retail. That was significantly less than the $2000 price tag of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung wanted to sell at least 6 million units of these handsets. And it was mentioned that $850 would help them achieve that goal. But it turns out the rumored price is nowhere near to the actual price of the handset. It’s going to cost almost double that.

Max Winebach, who works for XDA, also the person responsible for all the recent Galaxy S20 leaks. Mentioned on Twitter that the Galaxy Z flip will cost $1400 at retail. It’ll be a timed At&t exclusive. And will also be available unlocked. If reports are to believed it should cost 1400 euros in Europe which is not affordable by any means.

To be honest, I was really into this handset, primarily because of the rumored $850 price tag. But it looks like it was too good to be true. Still, at $1400, it’s a better value compared to the Moto Razr, which has midrange specs and costs over $1500. We also have other specs of the Z flip. According to Max, the phone will have Snapdragon 855+ an overclocked version of the 855.

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The fingerprint scanner will be at the side and not on display. There are dual cameras of 12MP, wide and ultra-wide-angle, and it will support 15W of charging. Also, there will be wireless charging and reverse wireless charging capability. The good thing about this handset is that it features an ultra-thin glass.

All the current foldable phones have a plastic display. They don’t have a glass layer on top for that extra protection. But the Galaxy Z flip is going to be the first handset to feature this new tech. But in spite of featuring glass, he says there will be a crease in the middle, which might bother some people.

Motorola did a great job in this area. They have a new type of hinge mechanism that creates a space beneath the display for the screen to bend without creating a steep curve. This way, they’re avoiding the crease in the middle portion of the display, which is an eyesore, especially if you’re paying $1400 for this thing.

I hope the crease on the Z flip is subtle and really looking forward to seeing how they’re going to implement this bendable glass on this handset. Right now, the biggest room for improvement on foldable smartphones is the display. They’re fragile when you compare it to the regular glass display. Even though bendable glass is not perfect right now. There’s surely room for improvement, but they will get better with time, which will make sure this thing doesn’t scratch with our fingernails. And you’ll feel more confident in trying out this new piece of technology.

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