Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Hands-On Look

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Hands-On Look – So Samsung did a great job in keeping its first foldable smartphone under wraps. We had absolutely zero ideas of what the Galaxy Fold looked like before the official unveiling. The same, though, cannot be said for their second foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

We already saw the live images of the handset a few months ago. And now we are getting a hands-on video of the handset nearly 9 days before the official unpacked event. As you can see, unlike the Galaxy Fold, this has a clamshell-like form factor that folds vertically.

And this video pretty much explains everything. When opened, the phone appears to have a long 22:9 aspect ratio. Which is even bigger than the Xperia 1 which has a 21:9 aspect ratio. There’s a small AMOLED display outside that showcases the time and other key device information.

The device actually makes a pretty satisfying snap when you close it. The fact that it makes a very satisfying snap means that the hinge has likely been very well engineered. Speaking of which unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Z flip doesn’t have a gap in the middle when you close it.

The moto Razr also shuts completely when you fold it but Motorola is using a different approach that looks great on paper. But in reality, it’s inviting trouble. It’s the same engineering flaw the first review units of the Galaxy Fold had that made it malfunction.

You see on the Moto Razr, the display is not completely attached to the phone, which is necessary for the Razr’s hinge mechanism. But this would also mean that dirt and debris will get into pretty easily. Just like it got into the earlier review units of the Galaxy Fold. That’s an engineering flaw, Samsung fixed it though. There’s no gap in the newly redesigned Galaxy Folds, but the same cannot be said for the Razr.

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Motorola isn’t doing anything about this. In fact, they are saying bumps and lumps are expected on this handset. So if you’re planning to get the Razr, I would advise you to wait and see if the device starts to malfunction because of it. Thankfully, though, Samsung isn’t using the same approach.

They’ve learned their lesson with the earlier units of the Galaxy Fold. So there won’t be a gap on the Z flip. The display should be attached to the device. And it’s surprising to see the Z flip folds completely without any gap in the middle. I guess we’ll have to wait for the unpacked event to see how they managed to do that.

Also, unlike any other foldable out there, the Galaxy Z Flip has ultra-thin glass display. This will make this handset more durable, and you’ll feel more confident in trying out this device. The main target audience for this handset is girls, according to Samsung, because they have short pockets.

And this is a perfect companion for their clothes, which barely has space to keep anything. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy this, this looks good, to be honest. And if you are into flip phones, then this will be a perfect handset, provided you are willing to spend 1500 bucks for it.