Samsung Galaxy S20 Release Date, Price, Specs

Samsung Galaxy S20 Release Date, Price, Specs – So the Galaxy S11 is the most anticipated smartphone of 2020. but it looks like it may not be called the Galaxy S11 after all. Ice Universe, who, as you know, the most prolific Samsung hipster out there, tweeted this out a couple of days ago, which read Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

That absolutely nothing except that next year is 2020. and 20 is in new beginnings suggesting that the next Galaxy S flagship will be called the Galaxy S20 instead of the Galaxy S11. When I saw this, I didn’t think Samsung is gonna do it. The S11 falls perfectly in line with the iPhone 11 naming scheme. And for some reason, Samsung likes to keep the numbering the same as Apple’s iPhones. And that’s the reason I didn’t talk about it.

But when I started thinking more about this number, the more, it started making sense. First, if Samsung decides to go with the S11, then after a couple of years. Then they have to use 13 and that number is considered to be a bad number in many cultures. So they need to skip it, and it’s gonna mess up the whole numbering system. Also, it doesn’t sound fancy if the numbers are in the 11th series.

Whereas S20 sounds excellent and they wouldn’t have bad number issues for the next nine years S30, S40 all sound fancy. Also, there is a unique marketing opportunity with an S20 name. Considering the whole new decade is gonna start with 2020. so it’s more than possible that Ice Universe’s right again. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is more than likely the new name for the next Galaxy S phone. And I personally wouldn’t mind if it actually happens.

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We also have these screen protectors of all the Galaxy S11 models showing these size differences. Yes, I’m still gonna call it the Galaxy S11 until we get more information about whether or not the name change is actually happening.

Anyway, here are the screen sizes of all the Galaxy S11 models. And the good thing is the Galaxy S11e is not gonna be too big. Earlier it was said that the S11e will either have a 6.2 inch or a 6.4-inch display. And it looks like it’s gonna be six point two inches. Which is good news for some of you who don’t want a massive handset.

Also, it looks like the Galaxy S11 will be launched much earlier than expected. Ice Universe announced a few weeks ago that the S11 will be launched on February 18th in San Francisco. But a couple of new trusted sources are saying it’s not true. First, a big Indian tech YouTuber mentioned in a live stream that February 18th is not the date of the unpacked event. But he didn’t reveal the accurate launch date, though.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Release

Today if ever a trustable Israeli website mentioned that the Galaxy S11 Unpacked event will be held on February 11th instead. Which is a couple of weeks earlier than the Mobile World Congress. I guess it makes sense since it will give Samsung a couple of weeks to market their devices in full force. Before others start showcasing their new devices at MWC 2020.