Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Will Have A Custom 108MP Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Will Have A Custom 108MP Camera Sensor – So if you have been following the Galaxy S11 rumors, then you know that Samsung will equip the 108MP camera sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. Samsung unveiled this camera sensor four months ago, and Xiaomi is the first to use this sensor on its smartphones. A lot of you were questioning whether or not the Galaxy S11 Plus would also have the same sensor.

The last time I heard Xiaomi’s 108MP camera phone doesn’t produce perfect pictures. So it’s understandable why some of you have that concern. But thankfully, the camera model on the S11 is going to be better because the sensor that Samsung is going to use is totally different. Ice Universe tweeted out today, saying that the 108MP camera sensor that Samsung is using for the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus has a sensor size of 1/1.3″. This is the same as Xiaomi’s, but Samsung is using an exclusive custom sensor that’s superior in quality compared to the ISOCELL Bright HMX that Xiaomi is using for their smartphones. Which is excellent and makes total sense.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Camera Sensor

I mean, Samsung wants to differentiate its flagship-grade cameras from its competitors or clients. Xiaomi is using Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL sensor. So it would have been foolish for Samsung to let Xiaomi use the same sensor that they are going to put on their flagship phones. Clearly, it’s not the case, we saw this coming ever since we got to know that Samsung is going for 108MP camera for the S11+. But it’s great to have some confirmation. Also, Ice Universe says Samsung’s camera model is expensive than Xiaomi’s, which again means it’s a better piece of technology.

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Snapdragon 865 is going to be the flagship processor for next year. And the Galaxy S11 is going to be one of the first devices to have this chipset. Today, we have the benchmark of this chipset. This shows that Qualcomm has done a great job in developing this chipset because the numbers are awe-inspiring. Qualcomm said their new chipset is 25% faster than last year. And the geekbench test result shows that Qualcomm has delivered on its promises.

The multicore scores are nearly as good as Apple’s latest A13 Bionic Chip. I guess it’s the first time ever that we’re seeing Apple’s and Qualcomm’s numbers this close. Qualcomm has never beaten Apple in Geekbench. But positively, we’ll be ready to see that someday. By the way, the Exynos 990, which is also going to end up on the S11, hasn’t been benchmarked just yet. But purely judging from the past, I’m not really expecting great numbers from Samsung this year as well.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus GeekBench 4.1

By the way, in single-core performance, the Exynos processors are excellent. As you can see, the Snapdragon 865 couldn’t be able to beat the Exynos 9825 which is a 2019 processor. So it means the Exynos 990 will only have better numbers and will probably take the number two spot. I’m sure they’re not going to beat Apple’s numbers. It’s also worth mentioning that these numbers don’t necessarily translate to real-world performance, these are only for comparisons. I’m sure you won’t even notice the difference in real life because the processors are already fast enough.

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