Samsung Galaxy S11 Has Feature You’ve Been Waiting For

Samsung Galaxy S11 Has Feature You’ve Been Waiting For – The Samsung Galaxy S11 will finally be coming with the display everyone wanted. And I’ll be sharing with the details right after this. So it was only a few days ago we had details of new camera features found within One UI firmware. And we now have more circumstances surrounding the display.

Ice universe revealed yesterday that someone had found 120-hertz option hidden within the 1ui beta 2. thought that this is, of course, here in preparation for the upcoming Galaxy S11. It shows that we’ll have the option of disabling the high refresh rate altogether in keeping the display at 60 Hertz. We can enable the high refresh rate keeping it in 120 Hertz at all times. Or the third option is for the device to automatically switch between 60 and 120 to save battery where possible.

Last week Samsung also trademarked the new display that they’re calling SamOLED display. It’s still private what the S stands for in SamOLED. And while it could be Super AMOLED, it seems unlikely as Samsung has been calling it Super AMOLED for a long time. It could, of course, be that this is the name for their higher refresh rate displays. Now we don’t know at this stage if this is gonna be for all of the models of the galaxy s11 or maybe just the more premium ones. But it’s a feature that Samsung fans have been waiting for, for a long time.

We also have news that the Samsung Galaxy S11 has been certified in China using a TA 800 charger with 25-watt fast charging. So we know it will at least have 25 watts when it comes to the quick charge. This, along with last week’s news of 8k video recording, is making it look like the galaxy s11 is gonna be one incredible smartphone. There will be three variants of the galaxy s11 while we don’t know the official names yet.

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The smaller, which may be the Galaxy S11e, is going to have a six-point four-inch display. Unlike last year, however, it’s also gonna be a curved display. And there’s going to be no flat display choice to that galaxy s11. The regular is going to be a six-point seven-inch display, again with the curved display, and the plus model of the galaxy s11 will be a six-point nine-inch display. Smaller and the standard S11 are working to be possible in 4G and 5G variants. Whereas the plus, it will only have a 5G model.

They will no doubt be dynamic AMOLED displays using the new m10 OLED. And now we’ve had these new leaks suggest an incredible 120 Hertz display. All curved screens do make the phone look more premium, many out there who favor flat screen. So it does look a dangerous movement from Samsung. Certification has already appeared for the battery of the galaxy S11e spotted up by galaxy Club, and they also had a photo included.

It tells us that the battery capacity should be around 3800 milliamp hours. This is a significant improvement on the predecessor, and given that the S11e is expected to be larger than this does make sense. While it appears to the galaxy S11, the main upgrades going to be in the camera department, and of course, in the display. Ice Universe tweeted that the galaxy S11 has a high probability of using a new 108-megapixel sensor. If that is the problem, it’s no doubt gonna be using Samsung’s bright HMX 108-megapixel sensor.

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The sensor has been used in the Mi Note 10, and it’s a large sensor, capable of taking very detailed images. When held up next to a 12-megapixel sensor, you can see it’s huge in comparison. The 108-megapixel sensor is capable of taking pictures at a resolution of 12,000 and 32 by 9024 and is comparable to high-end DSLR’s. The most massive exercise also allows it to absorb more light in low lit scenarios. If it happens to the rest of the cameras, we’re assuming a quad-camera on the S11 plus. And the news is that it’s running to become five times optical zoom and a time-of-flight sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S11 108MP Camera Support

Many were hoping for an in-display selfie camera on the Galaxy S11. But the leak is a statement that it’s just not gonna happen. So something we can wait for 2021. While its predecessor had two in a pill-shaped form. S11 Plus may actually have three. And considering in display is demanded the next year. S11 plus would be the latest possible model for this patent.

Ben Gaskin thinks that all designs are going to have a single punch hole top center, related to the Note-Range. While it comes to the main design of the Galaxy S11, we aren’t expecting too much change from the predecessor. Most likely, it’s going to be slightly more refined with slimmer bezels around. It will be using the new M10 OLED, and of course, we’ve got this news of a hundred and twenty Hertz display. There are also reports suggesting that the fingerprint authentication area is going to be much larger on the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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Ice Universe advises that the appearance and configuration of the galaxy s11 have already been determined. So will likely receive more leaks on this in the coming weeks. Hardware-wise it’s, of course, can use the snapdragon 865 along with the Exynos 9830. And San Mobile said that we could see up to twelve gigs of ram with one terabyte storage. And the base model starting at 128. We’re also hoping for expandable storage in the sim tray.

It will, of course, be running Android ten in the form of OneUI 2.1. And battery capacities that will likely be similar to the current S-Range, but probably a small increase. There are again rumors of graphene batteries, but we pretty much get this every year, and it never happens. As with every year, we’ll possibly notice a price rise for each type. But confidently, it’s not running to be too big. Last time we had the S10e starting at 750 dollars. S10 at 900 in the S10 plus from $1000. So we can expect the S11 range to be slightly higher again. Reports are now suggesting that the Galaxy S11 launch is going to be on the 18th of February 2020. So it’s not going to be extended until some more solid leaks start arising. And of course, I’ll share them with you guys as they do.

So it’s great that we’ve got some insight into the design. And of course, at the new information on the display. But this is, of course, from leaked information and not confirmations from Samsung.