Samsung Galaxy S11 Hands-on Images Have Been Shared Online

Samsung Galaxy S11 Hands-on Images Have Been Shared Online – So we’ve been talking about the Galaxy S11 for quite a while now. We have a fair share of an idea of the full specs and features the device is going to come with. We also have an idea of how the device will end up looking like a courtesy of CAD renders. But we haven’t actually got a chance to see the device in its flesh. In real life images, but that’s going to change today because, for the first time ever, the Galaxy S11 has been captured in pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 108MP camera, but the quality of this image is nowhere near 108MP. in fact, it looks like someone took this image with a potato. Anyway, the phone is enclosed in an engineering case to protect its identity. It must be a Samsung engineer using it in a subway probably because that’s where 99% of the leaks happen. To test this device out in real life for real-life feedback.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera Rumors

Ice Universe says it’s the Galaxy S11, but looking at the camera and the flash arrangement it’s clearly not the S11 but the Galaxy S11e. One thing you can notice is the huge camera protrusion, and that’s with the case on. Earlier reports said the camera bump will add 1.1mm thickness to the phone. And considering the Galaxy S11+ will have way bigger camera rectangle. It’s kinda worrying that it’ll not look good. And there will be a considerable gap when you place the phone flat on a surface.

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Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite are going to be launched at the end of this month. We’ve talked about these two devices a lot recently. Showcasing how these devices are going to look and what are the specifications these devices are going to come with. The Galaxy S10 Lite, in many ways, is better than the Galaxy S10 itself. And the Note 10 Lite is basically an updated Galaxy Note 9. Which will look more like the Samsung Galaxy S11. That said, we know almost everything about these devices except the price. But that is changing today because a retailer in Europe has revealed the costs of these two models and they’re affordable.

The retailer says the Galaxy S10 Lite will be priced at 669 euros and the Note 10 Lite at 609 euros. For what these devices offer, these are excellent prices. If I guess based on the previous Samsung pricing, these should be the prices in the US dollars. Of course, these are retailer prices, not an official one. But they provide you an idea of what to assume for the pricing.

Also, we have information about the battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. And surprisingly, it’s even more significant than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus itself. The Note 10+ has a 4300mAh battery, but the Note 10 Lite will have a 4500mAh battery. And it’s safe to assume it’ll also have a 45W fast charging capability just like the Note 10+. If the S10 Lite can have it, then why not the Note 10 Lite too. If you don’t want to spend 1000 dollars on phones, then these are great options for you. These are basically flagship devices launching almost a year later. When the component prices have gone down hence the affordable prices.

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Since it’s December and probably the Samsung Galaxy S11 will go into production at the end of this month. So we’re going to get tons of real-life S11 leaks. So you can consider subscribing if you want to keep updated.