Samsung Galaxy S11 – Confirmed News

Samsung Galaxy S11 – Confirmed News – So Samsung practically invented the curved edge screen design. The Galaxy Note Edge was the first handset to have a curved display on one side! They made it dual-curved with the Galaxy S6 Edge. The point of making the display curved at the sides is to minimize the side bezels to the point that they’re nonexistent and to obtain the phone look like it has a more usable display than it really has. Also to make the phone stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, companies like Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo have taken this curved design to a more aggressive version by bending it at the sides to almost 90 degrees. It’s popularly known as a waterfall display, which, to be honest, looks really cool. A lot of us were questioning whether or not Samsung would also jump on this waterfall design bandwagon and have this design on the Galaxy S11. It looks like they’re not.

Ice Universe tweeted out, saying, “after careful evaluation, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will not use the waterfall design”. Honestly, I don’t think this is a big deal. People already love Samsung’s curved displays, in my opinion, the display curve on the Galaxy Note 10 is absolutely perfect. Ever since I got the phone, I got barely like 3 or 4 accidental touches. Waterfall displays look beautiful, arguably even better than Samsung.

But they do have some disadvantages such as you lose some of the content if you’re watching a video, for example. Also, the color distortion along the curved edge of the screen is more. Personally, I don’t hate the waterfall displays, I’m a sucker for aesthetics, and I think it looks really cool. But I can get it why some of you don’t like it and why Samsung isn’t going with this kinda display for the Galaxy S11.

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Samsung Galaxy S11

Anyway, Ice Universe also says the bezels are going to be even smaller than on the Galaxy Note 10. The Note 10+ has arguably the smallest top and bottom bezels, and, incredibly, Samsung has managed to make it even smaller.

Ice also says that the 90Hz display is the least refresh rate the Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to have. It’s yet to be seen whether or not they’re going for a 120Hz display. Time will tell, but the good news the S11 for sure will have a higher screen refresh rate.

If you are a fan of force, then here’s good news for you. Samsung has launched the star wars edition of the Galaxy Note 10+. It’s a collaboration of two Galaxies, one is, of course, the Samsung’s galaxy and another one is a Galaxy Far Far Away. Nothing has changed internally, the only change will be cosmetic. Black and red color with Star Wars logo at the back. You’ll also get a redesigned Galaxy buds and a star wars metal badge. It will be available in most countries, and the price is the same as the standard Note 10+.

Also, we have camera specs of the Galaxy S10 Lite. If you don’t know, it’s going to be the 5th S10 model with flagship specs, which will be started in the coming periods besides the Note 10 Lite. Anyway, the camera specs come courtesy of Ishan Agarwal, who’s a very reputed tipster.

So the phone will have a triple camera setup at the back. 48MP primary camera, 5MP depth sensor, and 12MP wide-angle. The selfie camera is going to be 32MP. I think Samsung should take out the lite part of this phone. Because with the kind of specs it’s coming with, it’s no lite by any means.

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