Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite that will rival Apple’s iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite that will rival Apple’s iPhone 11 – So when Apple introduced the iPhone 11 a couple of months ago, it sent shockwaves in the smartphone industry. Not because the iPhone 11 is a great device but because of its price. Apple priced it at 699, $50 cheaper than it’s predecessor the iPhone XR. I guess it’s the first time ever that Apple reduced the iPhone prices year over year.

Samsung, being the direct competitor to Apple, felt the heat and was forced to bring a worthy competitor that would give some competition to the iPhone 11 in terms of sales. By the way, Samsung already kinda has a competitor to the iPhone 11, and it’s the Galaxy S10e that was launched in February. But the problem is, the S10e isn’t selling as well as Samsung had initially anticipated. And there’s one big reason why the sales numbers of the S10e isn’t even close to the iPhone XR.

You see, the display size of the S10e is just 5.8″. In the Android world, 5.8″ is considered small, and there isn’t a big market for phones with small displays. You can gauge it from the fact that you can barely find a device from any Android company that has a display size of less than 6″.

Android folks love big phones, and Samsung got it wrong specifically in the display size; otherwise, the Galaxy S10e is really an excellent device for what it’s priced. One of the reasons the iPhone XR was the highest-selling phone of last year. Was the fact that it was a big phone which looked almost identical to their more expensive iPhones. S10e, on the other hand kinda looks like the expensive Galaxy S10 models even though it has a flat-display, but the fact that it has a 5.8″ display was the top reason. In my opinion, it didn’t outsell the other Galaxy S10 models.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung understood that thankfully, and they are bringing another Galaxy S10 variant to the market. Rumours are calling it the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite but don’t let the name fool you. It’s no lite by any means and is better than the Galaxy S10e in many ways. We have the confirmed specifications of this new handset which shows flagship features. Here are the specs of the handset. It has the same performance as the S10, but there are few notable and critical improvements.

First, the battery size is going to be 4500mAh. The S10e, on the other hand, has a 3100mAh battery. That’s a massive difference in the battery capacity between the two models. The second is the charging speeds, it’ll have a 45W fast charging capability just like the Galaxy Note 10+. The S10e has 15W charging rates. It’ll also have more RAM than the S10e, at 8GB. But the most significant change is going to be the display size. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will have a 6.7″ FHD+ display.

In my opinion, it is the main reason Samsung is launching this model. Like I’ve said, people love big phones, and I’m sure this will sell better than the S10e just because of its size. Also, the price will play a significant factor too. The iPhone 11 is selling well because of its price. So Samsung should learn from Apple this time and price it at 699 or even lower if possible, which might not happen. But they can’t go over $699, that’s a bare minimum if they want this phone to be a real competitor to the iPhone 11.

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