Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will not have Galaxy S20 Ultra’s features

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will not have Galaxy S20 Ultra’s features – So the Galaxy S20 Ultra has arguably the best camera specs on paper. A 108MP camera, 8K video recording, a quad-camera system, and 100 times zoom. But the zoom system doesn’t live up to the boastful ‘100x Space Zoom’ label printed on the back of the phone. I mean, You get excellent photos at 5x zoom and pretty good photos at 10x. and 30x photos can also be quite useful even if they are far from sharp.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus
Galaxy Note 20 Plus

But anything above that is just a software crop, and the quality deteriorates quite rapidly from there to the point that 100x zooms just isn’t usable. And now it looks like with the Galaxy Note 20+ Samsung is getting rid of this feature. Ice Universe says that the Note 20+ no longer retains the 100x zoom.

Now, some people are speculating that Samsung will use a different camera in the place of the ‘Space Zoom’ sensor, which is not true at all. There will be a periscope zoom camera on the Note 20+, but there won’t be 100x zoom. Samsung will most likely limit the zoom capability to 30 times. Because that’s the peak where you can zoom in and get good photos. So it shouldn’t bother anyone that they are getting rid of it because it was essentially digital zoom anyway.

The camera module of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus has been leaked as well. From the looks of it, the camera setup should include a wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide camera, a periscope zoom lens, a flash, and not really sure about the rectangular part below the flash. It could be a time of flight sensor. But the cutout is way too big for that. It seems it’s for the new autofocus sensor that Ice Universe was talking about. In any case, the module looks a bit smaller than the S20 Ultra, which is a good thing. And this render should give a better idea of what to expect the handset to look like in real life.

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So it seems Samsung has decided about how it’s going to launch the Galaxy Note 20. Usually, Samsung conducts two major unpacked events for its flagships in the United States every single year. But due to the pandemic that’s going on right now. Samsung has decided to keep an online-only event according to the South Korean media. And thus, this makes the first time that a Samsung flagship will launch online without a physical unpacked event.

So the competition in the mid-range segment is heating up with the likes of big players such as Google are releasing value for money devices like the Pixel 4A. Which is rumored to cost $300. Samsung has its Galaxy A range for the midrange segment that offers pretty good value. And now, to make them stand out even more.

Samsung is bringing optical image stabilization to its Galaxy A range of devices in the second half this year. The optical image stabilization has been a flagship feature all these years. But they reckon the competition in the midrange segment has become really tough recently with Google bringing flagship-grade cameras to their Pixel A-lineup. So Samsung is thinking about bringing this feature to some of its Galaxy A-handsets to give them a little edge over the competition.