Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Is it Real

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Is it Real – So the last time we heard Samsung was working on a new affordable Galaxy Note. The information came courtesy of Sammobile, who discovered a unique model number that was similar to Galaxy Note’s model numbers. But with 700 series instead of the 900 series, and hence the speculation was that it’s an affordable Note.

Well, now they’ve got a word that the affordable Galaxy Note is indeed a thing. And Samsung has named it the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Yes, the third Galaxy Note 10 variant is on the way. Since it’s going to be a Note 10 model and not the Note 11 model, I expect Samsung to launch it this year itself, which means it might happen next month, this month or in December.

Sammobile is reporting that this is heading to Europe and Asia and will be available in two colors, black and red. That said, Look, this idea of affordable Note isn’t really new. They have done this in the past with the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. Just like the Neo, the Note 10 Lite is going to be a toned-down version of the Note 10+. Which means a midrange processor, a smaller 1080p display, and more.

I just hope they don’t dilute the Note brand with this. Galaxy Notes are known for offering the best that Samsung has to offer in that particular year. So I hope Samsung doesn’t take away too many features. One possibility I could imagine is that the display is going to be flat instead of a curved one. So that it’s cheaper to manufacture and also many people would love to write with the S-Pen on a flat display.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Design

The good thing is it’s going to be affordable, I hope they don’t mess up the prices again. They really made a stupid decision by pricing the Note 10 at $949. It was supposed to be an affordable variant of the Note 10, but the price was nowhere near affordable. Apple has really hit it out of the park this year with the pricing of the iPhone 11, by actually pricing it lower than last year.

And the results are visible already, the demand for the iPhone 11 is really high. Usually, we don’t get reports like that. Every year a few weeks after the iPhone launch. We get reports that the demand for the iPhone models is low, not selling well, and more. But this year it’s totally opposite, and the main reason for that is the price. That has a lot of pressure on Samsung to act and bring a worthy competitor to the iPhone 11.

Note 10 with a $949 price tag is certainly not one. And that’s the reason we’re seeing this new Galaxy Note 10 Lite is being released. It’s not just the Note 10 Lite, Samsung is also working on the Galaxy S10 Lite. Yeah, a fourth Galaxy S10 model.

According to reports, it’s not going to be a toned-down version but will have specs similar to the Galaxy A91. Which means it’s going to be better than the Galaxy S10e. I’m not really sure about these specs, I mean I don’t get the point of the S10 Lite with these flagship specs when the S10e already exists. Anyway, to keep updated with all this information, please consider subscribing, I’ll see you tomorrow. Peace out!

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