Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks – The ongoing pandemic has surrendered the whole planet inside the disorder. Many product release dates are now up in the air. But notwithstanding possible supply chain concerns and lack of demand. Samsung is pushing ahead with plans to launch flagship phones this year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and the Note 20 will begin in August as usual.

Speaking of the Galaxy Fold 2, it has been the subject of many leaks in recent weeks. Samsung is planning a substantial upgrade to the second generation Galaxy Fold. Such as bigger displays with a punch-hole camera on both inside and outside. The S-pen support and a Galaxy S20+ camera setup. But the most significant improvement is expected in the refresh rate department, where the Galaxy Fold 2 could jump from its predecessor’s normal 60Hz speed all the way up to the 120Hz smoothness of the entire S20 family.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks

That said, today, we have some more information about the handset courtesy of Max Winebach from XDA Developers. He says these could be the 3 films used on the Galaxy Fold 2. Apparently, the company that made the purple film for the Galaxy Z Flip is also making films for the Galaxy Fold 2 as well. So it seems Samsung is planning at least 3 color variants for the Fold 2. or Samsung might shortlist one of them to go into the production line.

The purple variant of the Z Flip was very well received. So it’s good to know that the Fold 2 will have similar films as well. Also, max says that Samsung will launch a special Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Fold 2 as well. With ceramic back and stainless steel frame with 256GB base storage. And the price of this special edition handset is going to be $3000.

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In comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne edition was sold for $2480. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of Thom Browne, I don’t see any reason to pay over $1200 just for the cosmetic changes. As for the cost of the normal Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 variant. Max thinks $1780 for the base 256GB variant. This is in line with what Ross Young, the CEO of display chain supply consultants, said a few days ago.

So High display refresh rates have become a hallmark of flagship Android smartphones over the past 12 to 18 months. And with the iPhone 12, Apple will jump on the high refresh rate bandwagon as well. There will be 4 iPhone 12 models this year, and only the Pro variants will have the 120Hz promotion display. While the other 2 models will have the conventional 60Hz display.

Interestingly, even with 5G, 120Hz display, and other upgrades. Apple isn’t expected to increase the prices with the iPhone 12 variants this year. Which should give a tight slap to Android makers who have been on a rampage to increase costs year over year. Hopefully, the poor sales of the Galaxy S20 also the iPhone 12 pricing. Should teach them a lesson to price their handsets sensibly this time.