Pixel 5 – Google aggressively prices it

Pixel 5 – Google aggressively prices it – So when Pixel 4 was launched last year. Google gave it a distinct feature that no other phone has at the moment. And it’s the presence of a soli radar chip AKA motion sense. Which picks up hand gestures and allows users to interact with the phone without touching it. Such as knows when you’re touching for the smartphone in the morningtide and reduces the alarm volume.

Pixel 5
Pixel 5

Then, it recognizes the hand action that precedes user authentication and increases 3D Face unlock response time. It can skip songs with a simple wave. And It can also turn off the always-on display when you’re not within reach. That sounds great in theory. But in practice, the Pixel 4’s gestures recognition system isn’t what they advertised. And Most users seem to have just turned off the feature in an attempt to conserve battery life, which is really bad on Pixel 4.

Also, Pixel 4 isn’t available in certain countries (India being the big one) because of the way Google’s Soli radar chip operates. The soli radar operates on the 60GHz frequency. And in India, consumer devices are not allowed to use the 60GHz spectrum for civilian use. Because the handset wasn’t available in many markets. Also, because the phone didn’t offer enough value to the consumers, the sales of the handset were pretty bad. Google sold only 2 million pixel-units in 6 months.

In comparison, they sold 3.5 million units of Pixel 3 in the same timeframe. Now with their next flagship, the Pixel 5 Google reportedly plans to go back to the basics and give up some innovative features such as you’ve guessed it the Motion Sense. This comes from 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall, who claims that his sources say that the Pixel 5 will not have the Soli radar chip.

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Considering how motion sensing is a gimmick. Which takes a big toll on the battery and also prevents Google from releasing Pixel 4 in many big markets. It doesn’t seem all that surprising to hear Google might abandon Motion Sense altogether. And it is a perfect move, in my opinion, because Google mentioned that for Soli to do tasks like these. They need a bigger soli radar chip. Which they cannot put inside a smartphone-sized gadget ever.

Soli combination in laptops would be a lot more beneficial than on phones. But that’s not mean that Google hasn’t done a great job here. The tech changes needed to make all of this reason on the phone are incredible. But ditching it altogether is a good move as it also allows them to have a modern-looking design on the Pixel 5 instead of a huge bezel up top.

Anyway, I think because of this, and because the phone will have a Snapdragon 765G processor. The Pixel 5 will have a lower price tag compared to the Pixel 4. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were priced at 799 and 899 dollars. So it’s not out of the way to believe the Pixel 5 series to have a lower price tag than this. Which will surely make the Pixel 5 a more attractive option to potential buyers? Especially after every other major Android OEM has dramatically increased the prices of their flagships this year.