OnePlus 8 Is Coming With A Lot More Than We Expected

We now have news of an additional OnePlus 8 lite that’s coming. So we have plenty of leaks surrounding the OnePlus 8 early on, but we now have news of a third device coming from OnePlus. Back in 2015, we had the release of the OnePlus X, which was more of a budget-friendly device they offered but still retaining a flagship processor. Since then, we’ve pretty much had a single release each year with a T variant of the OnePlus coming later on in the year for most of the time. But it appears that OnePlus is gonna be doing it again this time around. And offering us a more affordable version of the OnePlus 8 branded under the name the OnePlus 8 lite.

OnePlus 8 Design

We’re not sure if they’re planning to release all of the devices at the same time. But if they do, we’ll have the OnePlus 8 pro, the OnePlus 8, and of course, the OnePlus 8 lite giving consumers plenty of choices. Thanks to a reliable leaker on leaks, we’ve already had full 360 renders of the OnePlus 8 lite that give us full details of the design. You can see on the front we’ve got a full-screen flat display with a punch-hole camera-top center. Well, we don’t know the exact screen size given the dimensions. It will likely be between 6.4 and 6.5 inches. We also know that it’s gonna be a 90 Hertz display considering OnePlus already told us that all future models are going to be 90 Hertz.

OnePlus 8 Specs

There’s no fingerprint scanner to be seen anywhere on the phone. So we have to assume it’s gonna have an in-display fingerprint scanner. One thing that will annoy some is there were many complaints of the OnePlus 8 looking like a Samsung device in my previous article. And we can see here that from the front, the OnePlus 8 lite seems very similar to the note and the new S11. When it comes to the rear, we’ve got a different camera arrangement on the OnePlus 8 lite, we can see it’s a dual-camera setup. There was no data as to what these cameras are. But the secondary camera will likely be a depth sensor, a telephoto, or an ultra-wide camera. We also have at the laser autofocus system to the right cameras.

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We have the power buttons and alert slider on the right-hand edge of the phone with the volume buttons on the left. The phone is, of course, powered by USB Type-C. And unfortunate news for many is that there isn’t a three and a half mil audio jack.

The chips are powering the phone is still unconfirmed, and it’s a hard one to guess. Considering it’s a mid-range device, many are speculating than it’s going to use the new Snapdragon 765. But considering brands like Samsung are using the same chipset in all of their range. We could see the OnePlus 8 lite containing the snapdragon 865. The phone dimensions are reportedly going to be a hundred and fifty-nine point two by seventy-four by eight point six millimeters. And that making it smaller than the OnePlus 7, but slightly thicker.

OnePlus 8 Specs

The phones can be powered by the Snapdragon 865. And it’s reportedly coming with a choice of eight or twelve gigs of RAM. Storage will likely be 256 gigs. It’s, of course, gonna be UFS 3.1, and reports suggest that it will be a 5G compatible device. We again have the power button and alert slider on the right-hand side with the volume buttons on the left. And we, of course, have a USB Type-C port on the bottom with a new speaker grille design.

OnePlus 8 Price

Battery size is assumed to be around 3600 – 4100 milliamp hours depending on how much space they have available internally. And it will carry 30-watt fast charging. It’s, of course, gonna come with Android 10 out of the box.

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OnePlus 8 Price

we can assume the phone to start around seven hundred and fifty dollars or seven hundred pounds. Unfortunately, there are no details on the launch price yet, which makes it hard to figure out the exact specifications. But it’s looking like it could be an excellent choice for many, especially those who don’t want a curved display.