New Galaxy Note Is Almost Here

New Galaxy Note Is Almost Here – So Samsung is bringing the lite variants of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10. We’ve talked about the S10 Lite a few times in the past. Suggesting how it’s better than the Galaxy S10 in many ways and doesn’t actually deserve the name tag the Lite. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite, however, does deserve to have lite in its name.

Samsung is expected to launch both of these lite models in December. And today, we have a benchmark of the latter variant giving some key specifications of this affordable Galaxy Note 10 Lite. First up, it will have the Exynos 9810 processor. If you remember, this was the SoC built on the Galaxy Note 9. So it’s a year old 10nm flagship processor, which is still a capable SoC. The performance might not be as great as say the Exynos 9825 or Snapdragon 855. But still, it is a flagship processor and will offer a snappier performance.

The benchmark also reveals 6GB RAM, in my opinion, there should be an 8GB RAM variant available as well. Because a lot of midrange phones offer 8 gigs of RAM these days. So it just gives the reason for Samsung to give 8 gigs as well. Also, it’ll come with the latest Android 10 and Samsung’s OneUI 2 on top.

Design-wise it’s expected to look more like the Galaxy Note 10 and not Note 9, which is good. One of the biggest reasons the iPhone 11 or XR is selling really well is that it looks like its bigger expensive siblings. So if Samsung is wise enough, they’ll make it look like the more expensive Galaxy Note 10 as well. Because it gives an impression to people that it’s an actual flagship phone than a tone down version of it.

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Anyway, as I’ve said, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, along with the S10 Lite, is expected to launch in December. And the price should be somewhere around $700 or could be even lower. So Samsung can regain the top spot after nearly losing it to BOE in the last quarter. Samsung sold over 50 million more AMOLED panels quarter over quarter. Thanks to its competitors Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others are making more AMOLED phones, which in turn is good news for Samsung and its display business.

Also, it’s the first time ever that AMOLED shipments have surpassed the LCD shipments. Which means the market will only further increase. And Samsung, for sure, will utilize this opportunity. So a lot of you were asking when precisely the Android 10 update would be available to your devices. I can understand, the update, especially the OneUI 2, is going to bring some noticeable and welcome change.

The gesture navigation has improved dramatically, and it looks as good as the iPhone’s gesture UI. I really liked iPhone’s gesture navigation and wanted it to be on the Android as well. And thankfully Samsung is doing that for us too. Anyway, here is the time table for the official Android 10 update to all Samsung devices.

Do note that some Galaxy S10 devices in Germany are already getting the official Android 10 update. So that means the worldwide S10, Note 10 and Note 9 devices could get the official update in December itself.