MSI Prestige 14 – MSI Requires to do Better

MSI Prestige 14 – MSI Requires to do Better – So I want you guys to play along with me for a second, okay. Imagine you’re a creator and you are looking for something particular. you’re looking for a laptop that’s portable, thin, light with a certain amount of power to do your creative work. Your creative work could be editing video, developing it could be using a blender, it doesn’t matter. You just need a certain amount of power and a small form-factor. All of a sudden, you see the MSI prestige 14. and you’re like this is the laptop I want; this is what I’ve been waiting for. A 14-inch laptop with enough IO to connect all the devices and cards that I need in a small and portable form factor.

You realize MSI Prestige 14 comes with a six-core u series 10th gen processor paired with a pretty beefy GTX 1650 Max-q. You take it home, you unbox it, you take it out of the box, and you start typing on the keyboard. And you realize this is actually a pretty good keyboard. You put your hands on the touchpad, your hands go back and forth for years because there’s so much horizontal space. You feel a little congested when you’re going vertically because it’s a bit short, but overall the touchpad is excellent.

Then you’re worried about your mom breaking into your computer, and you realize there’s a fingerprint scanner to log you in quickly. And there’s also Windows Hello facial recognition in case you have too much Cheeto dust. When all of an unexpected, you turn it on you install all your favorite programs adobe premiere, blender, I don’t know Visual Studio the list goes on. And you start working with these applications, and you realize you’re just not getting the performance you paid for. you’re like hmm, there’s something wrong with my laptop?

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MSI Prestige 14 Specs

So you take off the bottom of the laptop, you look inside, and you cry. Because a GTX 1650 Max-Q paired with a 6 core CPU only has one fan to work with. That is absurd, you get angry, and you quickly return the product, and you never repurchase an MSI product. That’s how I’d feel if I brought this home and started using it. Because this setup is disappointing, one fan for a dedicated GPU and six cores is absurd. And I realize that once I started testing this laptop.

MSI Prestige 14 Test

If I was using Adobe Premiere, maybe I was running blender, perhaps I was compiling code. The laptop couldn’t handle it. It was producing too much heat to the point where it has to severely thermal throttle to say somewhat cool. And because of that, the performance was just not there. It’s too bad because this is a laptop that I think a lot of people would want. It has the specs, it has the size, it’s very attractive, and it has a good display.

Battery life is not the greatest at only 5 hours. But overall, the specs on paper speak to a lot of people. Regrettably, MSI decided to have a fan layout that looks like this. I understand there is not a lot of space to work with. But I would have rather than make it a little bit wider to stick in that extra fan. Even if they didn’t put another heat pipe. That other fan would have made a difference. Now I know you can under-voltage, and you’ll get better performance. But the average consumer should not even need to know what under voting is.

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When you take this out of the box, it should perform for the specs that are provided. Then if you’re an enthusiast and you do know what under voting is, then you can go ahead and take it to the next level. The other thing is fan noise, simple things like installing a program the fans kick on. Even sometimes, when it’s idling, and it’s charging at the same time on the balanced profile, fans are over 40 decibels. This single fan has to keep the six-core CPU and GPU cool at the same time.

There’s no way this fan is ever gonna have any idle time. Now I understand it seems like I’m being harsh on MSI Prestige 14, and I absolutely am. Because I love this idea, I love this concept; it’s just the sacrifices they made. We’re not the right ones. Sacrificing heat management, as one of the priorities, was just a bad idea. Make it a little bit wider, but the second fan in there and I guarantee there probably would have better performance. should you buy this laptop? No, wait for the next model, maybe they’ll be able to cram in a second fan. Perhaps they’ll just make it a little bit bigger, and with that, you’ll get the performance you paid for.