Motorola Edge Price, Release Date, Availability

Motorola Edge Price, Release Date, Availability – For the earlier several years, Motorola has really made a name for itself with this budget and mid-range phones. While the other major brands battled it out in the more expensive side of the spectrum, the moto did its own thing. Now that’s changing with the Motorola Edge duo. The Plus version of the phone is focused on the more premium and expensive side of the market. Well, the vanilla Motorola Edge is focused on being a flagship killer. So has it succeeded, and this is our review of the Motorola edge.

Motorola Edge Design

The Motorola Edge is a looker with a waterfall display that curves halfway around the side until it meets the aluminum frame. Now for many people, curve screens have fallen out of favor due to touch input mistakes and phones in the past. So whether we like it or not depends on personal preference. That said, we didn’t find it to be an issue on this particular phone. Also, it’s a company hold though a bit thick, and it’s not too heavy.

The top and bottom bezel are quite small; the screen is a nice one at first glance. And there’s an optical fingerprint meter on the front. It’s fast and reliable, and that’s not something that every phone boasts, even flagship ones. The display is shielded with Gorilla Glass 5, and the phone is splash resistant. The back is made of high-quality plastic, and our unit has gorgeous dark blue coloring. In fact, at first, it’s a bit difficult to tell that it is plastic.

Motorola Edge Design
Motorola Edge Design

The cameras are almost flush with the back, so there’s no wobble when it’s on a desk. It also has a neat hat trick. It can be left standing up without anything to support it. The six-point seven inch OLED screen has an extended full HD resolution. It has a good but not amazing pixel density of 385 PPI. It supports HDR 10 but not HDR 10 plus like the moto edge Plus. This is strange because the two phones have the same display. Fortunately, the Motorola Edge retains the 90 Hertz refresh rate, which should make everything feel much faster than a regular 60 Hertz panel. It’s nice to see this great feature picking up this year because it definitely adds to the overall experience.

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Brightness went up to 416 nits in manual mode and 595 minutes in Auto. However, the auto-brightness is active only when you’re using the screen with a higher refresh rate turned on. Color reproduction was very good, but whites and grays are a little bluish, nothing too extreme, though. The edge has a standard stereo speaker setup with a thin earpiece of top and a bottom-firing speaker. Surprisingly next to the speaker, you’ll also find a 3.5-millimeter jack. You also have the option of an FM radio if you’re using wired headphones. The stereo speakers were tuned by a company called wave to deliver high loudness and output quality. In our tests, however, they had below-average loudness. And while the quality was quite good, I sounded a bit muffled and not as crisp as the edge plus.

Motorola Edge Battery

The phone has a large 4500 million power battery. It got an excellent endurance rating of 102 hours, with the 90 Hertz refresh rate turned on. With it turned off, you got an hour or two more, but with the battery life being still good, we recommend simply enjoying the phone with a higher refresh rate. The fast charging was less impressive, and you got from zero to 37% in half an hour, not sluggish but definitely not the fastest we’ve seen.

Motorola Edge Specs

Speaking of fast the edge sports a snapdragon 765 chipset. It’s a very recent mid-range Qualcomm chipset complete with 5G connectivity, and it came out on top of every other mid-range chipset. The only caveat is that slightly more expensive phones like the one plus 8 or the Realme X50 Pro have the flagship snapdragon 865. the phone also offers 4 to 6 gigs of ram and ufs 2.1 storage instead of the ufs 3.0 that you find on the edge plus. It does have an expandable microSD card slot, though. The Motorola Edge is running Android 10 and motors version of it is a very stock Android experience with some extra features bundled into the Moto app.

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The Moto actions are clever any twist to launch the camera and do a karate chop to start the flashlight. Which should be close to you if you’ve always used a Motorola device before. There are also edge lights that take advantage of the water full-screen and light up the sides of the display for calls and notifications. A bit like an LED light but much flash here, there’s an edge touch which is new and includes useful shortcuts. It’s a floating action bar on the side that you can move to either the left or right sides of the phone. Moto gametime is not new, but it packs some new features.

In the past, it allows you to filter out notifications, turn on audio enhancements, And disable adaptive brightness, among other things. For the Moto edge series, it now allows you to add virtual triggers on the edge of the phone for in-game use. The navigation uses a bar on the bottom, and it’s quite easy to get used to. Swipe in from the sides to go back swipe left to right on the bar at the bottom to switch between apps and swipe diagonally to launch the Google assistant. The annoying part is that you can’t hide the bar, and it only disappears if you’re gaming or watching a movie.

Motorola Edge Camera

The Motorola Edge has a quad-camera setup. There’s a 64-megapixel quad bear main snapper, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide cam, and 8-megapixel telephoto with 2 times magnification and a time-of-flight camera. In daylight with the main camera, the photos were very good. They had excellent contrast and dynamic range and no visible noise. The etail was alright though not spectacular, and colors were true to life though a bit on the cool side. The auto HDR is often triggered during the day, and it definitely boosts the dynamic range while reducing noise.

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Motorola Edge Camera
Motorola Edge Camera

You can take photos in the full 64-megapixel resolution. But they’re poor in detail, and they look upscaled in comparison to a regular photo. With the ultra-wide colors were a bit on the warmer side and as a whole week quite like them. They have enough superb detail contrast and dynamic range and low noise. You can also use the ultra-wide for super macro shots, and it performed pretty well here. The 8-megapixel telephoto camera upscale’s all of its images to 16 megapixels.

In low-light regular photos from the main camera were uninspiring. They don’t have much detail, and the dynamic range is low. Colors were washed out, and photos were noisy. If you switch to the night vision mode, photos are much brighter and far less noisy. Blown highlights are mostly restored, colors are better, and we have more details in the shadows. In short, using the night vision mode is well recommended. If you want to zoom photos at night, you should know that they’re digitally zoomed and coming from the main camera. So as far as colors and dynamic range goes, it’s the same situation.

Motorola Edge Price

Motorola really did a great job with this phone. And it has an excellent display, good battery life, and nice camera setup to go along with its good looks. Now the chipset is a mid-range. Which puts it at a disadvantage in comparison to phones like the Realme X50 and the one plus 8. But it performs well enough for most people. And as far as this competition is concerned, well the Realme X50 is not available in all markets. And one plus 8 is about a hundred euros more expensive. So if you’re looking for a flagship killer with a great screen and great looks, this is definitely one to consider.