Microsoft Surface Earbuds Hands-on Review

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Hands-on Review – This is Microsoft’s new Surface Earbuds. This is the companies first truly wireless earbuds, and they follow along the Surface Headphones that were announced last year in the companies new audio line-up of products. As you can see, they’re pretty similar to other wireless earbuds we’ve seen before.

You wear them in your ears, you’ve got a little case that you put them in to charge, and it’s got a USB-C port to charge it back up. And Microsoft says these will last about eight hours on a charge, and in the case, you get a full 24 hours. So it’s pretty standard stuff that we’ve seen from other companies before. Now, if you look at the design of these, you can tell that they do look a little bit different.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Release Date

They’re quite a bit bigger than maybe you’re used to from say Samsung’s Galaxy Buds or even Apple’s AirPods. But they’re so big because there is this touchpad on the outside. That you can use to control a bunch of functions. you can skip tracks, raise the volume, and you can launch applications if you’ve got it connected to an Android phone. Play Spotify automatically and somethings like that.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Design

And they like are typical sounding earbuds, these do not seal out the sound. They are designed to allow ambient noise in. But if I were playing music I would be able to hear it through my ears. And also be able to listen to the ambient sound. There’s no noise cancellation or anything else like that.

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Now because this is Microsoft, they don’t just play music. They actually do some other things. then there’s some microphones on here and some technology Microsoft has developed with PowerPoint. And it’s AI processing to allow you to speak into the headphones while you’re presenting say a PowerPoint slide show. And it will live to transcribe what you’re saying on the screen.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Specs

The design on the inside is a little bit different than other earbuds. this ear tip does not actually go inside your ear canal. It’s not designed to block out sounds. It’s supposed to let sounds in, so it kind of just rests in there. And then there’s a little hook on the backside of it that when you rotate the earbud into your ear, it kind of locks in place.

Microsoft’s including a few different sizes, with this so you can customize it to fit your ears. And find whichever format is most comfortable, and provides you best without falling out of your ear. And Microsoft says these will be available before the holidays this year, so real soon. They’re gonna sell for about $250, which is a bit more expensive than what we’re used to seeing from AirPods. Which start at 160 or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds which are about 130.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds Cost

So Microsoft is really counting on the added productivity features that are coming with these to justify that price. Obviously, we’re gonna have a review coming for them when these are released. And we’ll have lots more time to test out their audio quality and see what they’re like in the real world. But that’s an authentic quick first look at Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds.

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