MGET i500 TWS is The Best Airpod Clones

MGET i500 TWS is The Best Airpod Clones – Today we’re taking a look at the i500 TWS Airpod clones. And I have to say these are the best sounding clones I’ve tried so far. If we start with the unboxing, we get the charging case with the i500 Airport clones inside. Next, we’ve got the lightning cable and finally the instruction manual.

So to start with a full disclosure this article is sponsored. And they’ve sent me the i500 for free to review for you guys. But that doesn’t change my opinion. So of course, being Airport clones that they look the same as the real Airpod. These clones try as much as possible to look like the real thing. And are a one-to-one clone.

Even if we zoom in to the back of the case. You can also see it says designed by Apple in California under the hinge. We’ve got the green LED indicator on the front and the pair button on the rear. With of course lightning charging port on the bottom. The charging case is held shut magnetically. And it does an excellent job at staying locked, but it’s still easy to open.

i500 TWS Battery Life

The i500 TWS themselves are also held in place magnetically to make sure everything stays secure. If we take the Airpod out of the case, you can see they’re identical to the real thing. When you take them out the charge in the case, they’ll be in pairing mode the first time. So you can easily pair them to the phone.

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If you need to repair in the future, you can simply press the button on the back of the case. And then pair them again with your phone. They also show up is real Airpod, and when using an iPhone, they come up exactly the same as the real Airpod. When it comes to the specs, they use Bluetooth 5. and the airport contained 30 million power batteries. And in the charging case has 400 million powers.

In terms of use, this provides about 4 hours of playtime. And then takes 45 minutes to full recharge the Airpod inside the case. They also have a slide feature, where you can slide your finger down the airport to reduce the volume and slide up to increase. In my testing and this only works on iPhones; however, it did not work on Android phones.

They have all the usual features, such as tapping them to play/pause, next track etc. and to be honest if you’re someone who wants real Airpod. And doesn’t want to pay the enormous price tag. Then I don’t think you’re gonna notice a difference. Considering how accurate these clones are. And how they interact with an iPhone the same. I don’t think many people would be able to tell the difference.

i500 TWS Features

Now when it comes to the sound quality, these are the best airport clones I’ve used so far. Volume-wise they go much louder than I would ever need them to be. And they sound great across a wide range of music. The highs are nice and crisp, the mids are great. But it seems that they’ve gone for a slightly bass-heavy sound, and it does work.

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While some other Airport clones I’ve tried have sounded a little flat. These really do sound good in a wide variety of genres. I even turned up the lower frequencies in my equaliser. And they still perform well providing deep bass without Distortion. When it comes to cost these are currently 49 dollars 99, which is of course much cheaper than the real Airpod.

And going on audio quality alone, I would say this is a very fair price for the product. Of course, with it looking and functioning the same as real Airpod. It’s just an added bonus for those that want this. Previously, I’ve said the TWS i10 is the best sounding clones I’ve tried. But this is definitely a step up from those. And given that they cost roughly the same. I would highly recommend the i500 TWS over them.