LG Velvet Has A Beautiful Design With A Water Drop Rear Camera

LG Velvet Has A Beautiful Design With A Water Drop Rear Camera – LG has been prepping something brand new for its Android smartphones that emphasizes design over specs. Recently LG revealed that they will name it the LG Velvet, and it will replace their famous G series. And today, they have released a video showcasing this premium mass-market upper-midrange phone.

As you can see, the water drop style rear camera looks really good. In the world of massive ugly camera modules, this camera looks fresh and beautiful. LG confirms in the video that the phone will be indeed powered by the Snapdragon 765G instead of the top of line 865. That’s because Snapdragon 865 is way too expensive and probably the biggest reason why flagship phones this year, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro, and more, have seen a dramatic increase in the price.

LG Velvet

LG Velvet

To be clear, the 765G is still a high-end processor with 5G, but itโ€™s slightly less powerful than the 865. LG chose this because it’s cheaper than the 865, and their new strategy is to compete in the market through a lower price tag. I know that we Android buyers really focus on specs, but the recent price jumps have shown that demand for the Galaxy S20 or the OnePlus 8 phones isn’t completely elastic. I mean people do care about price, at some point.

And this would be a perfect time for LG to take the pragmatic approach of stepping down the processor and consequently lowering the price tag. Now, I do agree this phone looks beautiful in many aspects such as a minimalistic back, a boxier 21:9 form factor, and a curved display. But there are a few queries I do have with this phone. First off, if the big draw of the device is its design, then why compromise with a notch?

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Aesthetically, it’s uglier than a hole punch. This handset would have looked way more beautiful if LG opted for a pop-up camera mechanism. It’s been about a few years since the inception of pop up cameras. And still, we haven’t heard any complaints about the durability of these setups. So why not go with that mechanism instead, if the design is the whole selling point of this handset.

The second is the price. Even though LG hasn’t made the price official yet, but there are some reports that LG Velvet will be priced somewhere between $600 to $700. The thing is people are no longer excited for an LG handset, and there’s absolutely no marketing for LG phones either. And I don’t think a lot of people would even consider spending 600, 700 dollars on an LG handset.

Because we have better alternatives in that price range, OnePlus 8, for example, which sells for 700 bucks. In my opinion, $500 to $600 makes better sense; you don’t want to go to the OnePlus territory, especially with zero marketing. The good thing is, they haven’t made the price official yet, so let’s hope they reconsider and actually price it sensibly.