LG G8X ThinQ Release Date, Price, Specs

LG G8X ThinQ Release Date, Price, Specs – So right now, foldable smartphones are the hot topic, a bunch of companies have released their concepts. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Motorola Razr and these devices are really cool! Essentially what you’re getting is a phone that opens up into a bigger phone. And that’s something a lot of people want in their pockets. The problem though is that these phones are costly for the Motorola Razor you’re looking at $1500 US for the Galaxy Fold, you’re looking at close to $2,000.

The other issue is durability, these products are just not durable; they have these squishy plastic screens and gaps, that allows a lot of dust to get inside. What I have here is something that’s been done before but kind of a stop-gap approach by LG. They decided to go with a dual-screen setup.

this is not as elegant or sexy as the Galaxy Fold, but it’s a lot more practical. The way it works is you have a regular smartphone, which is the LG G8X ThinQ and what you do is you take it and place it inside of a case. This case is paired with a second screen beside it, once you place the phone inside the second screen automatically lights up when you activate it. This essentially gives you two screens to work with.

Now the big issue with dual-screen smartphones is that it’s very thick. It’s not something that feels comfortable in your pocket like if you have to carry this thing every single day. You’re gonna find it quite cumbersome, but you do have the extra advantage of using that second screen for productivity tasks. So what I found myself doing is using one screen to let’s say browse the internet and the other screen to watch a video.

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LG G8X ThinQ Specs

Now, obviously this is not as comfortable as using a laptop. But it’s much better than using a one display smartphone. Now probably the coolest feature about this setup is using the dual screens for gaming. Like you place a control pad on the bottom, and then on the top, you have the game itself. This is really cool because smartphones have really small displays and when your game you want a bigger screen because it makes the experience so much better.

So if I can free up the entire screen for the game itself and then use the bottom as it controller. It’s just gonna make playing games so much better. Now, this pad doesn’t work with every game. Some games support the LG Pad but the ones that don’t will require you to customise the controllers so that they work with the game.

The best thing about this LG G8X ThinQ is the price tag for $699 US. You’re essentially getting a phone with good specs plus a second display. And I think that’s a deal that a lot of people will be attracted to. This phone has a Snapdragon 855, it has six gigabytes of RAM, it has a headphone jack which is something you’re not seeing on a lot of other smartphones. A 32-bit DAC, which is something audiophiles want. Dual speakers, OLED display even though it’s only 1080p but 1080p with a second display to go with it.

LG G8X ThinQ Cost

It basically offers the majority of stuff that most flagship offers with the price tag that’s in the right area. Now, the way I’ve been using it is I would just use the phone as a phone 90% of the time. And then I would have the other case in my bag. So if I ever wanted to game or do something more productive. I could take it out and place it on.

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Now the camera’s on the back are pretty good they’re not top three. But they’re good enough like you have your wide and ultra-wide lens. Which will give you some pretty good photography. It supports night mode, like it should for a flagship device. And the front-facing camera is 32 megapixels.

Now the only few things I don’t like about it is the case itself Like I just think this design is hideous. There’s a lot of wasted space here, like why did they make this indent so big, just to get the logo to show?

I think that’s kind of petty and I think they could have done more with the front display. Like it’s great that there’s a place for your notifications, but I just feel like this was wasted space. And the last thing is not every single app works in dual screen mode. A lot of them do, which is excellent. But it makes me think that will all these other apps ever get the support from developers to work with dual screens?

LG G8X ThinQ Release Date

So I doubt it Like I just can’t see that happening with an LG device, not that they’re bad smartphones. It’s just LG smartphones are no longer some of the more popular smartphones that are currently out on the market. Like right now this is still running Android 9.0. And the reason being is because there’s probably a lot of customisations going on for this device to work with a second display. Will this get Android 10 and if it does when will that be? Will that be a year from now? Two years from now? And will we see Android 11?

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So, I think if you’re looking for a foldable device. But don’t want to take the risk because they’re expensive and not that durable, this is a good compromise. It’s practical, it’s durable, it still functions as a smartphone, and it can have a second display. And the best part about it, it only costs 699 dollars.

Now here in Canada, this is a little bit different story. This is like the 1150 off-contract, which is absolutely ridiculous. So I don’t recommend it over a regular smartphone. But if you can pick it up from a carrier for like zero dollars, it might be worth it to you. It merely depends on how seriously you want that second display.