Huawei P40 Pro – Unbelievable News

Huawei P40 Pro – Unbelievable News – The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro could be launching globally with Google services included. So following the ban on Huawei, we’ve had plenty of news concerning their New Harmony OS. This is to combat problems they face not being able to include Google services on their phones. So far, we’ve just noticed Harmony OS on the honor vision TV. But it hasn’t been released on the phone as of yet. With the mate 30 releasing in China only without Google services.

In the global market, pretty much, every Android device contains Google services. So it’s a massive issue for Huawei’s success. It seems as though Huawei and the USA are trying to work out to deal with following the trade ban. It’s why we have been granted another 90-day temporary extension.

The extension allows Huawei to work with US companies. Although they still don’t have permission to include Google services. The company is reportedly working on a global release of the Huawei P40 and the P40 Pro. There’s a possibility that the ban could be over by the time they release. Meaning we could see Google services on the P40 and P40 Pro.

If this isn’t the case, then the phones will be released with Huawei’s mobile services. And these are alternatives, but of course, users won’t be able to access Gmail and other Google apps by default. According to reports, while we are also attempting to solve the issue by shipping at the P40 range with twin operating systems. The user will be able to decide if they want to apply Android or harmony OS on boot.

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Although there aren’t Google services included in the device that there are multiple ways to obtain them. We’ve had LZ play, which allows users to install Google services. While this comes from an uncertain developer, many went ahead and used it. Another method was restoring the device with a software backup that already had elzéard play installed. And finally, people are running demos, which is a virtual device operating system. Although this approach does offer lag along with load times.

Huawei P40

Huawei P40

We now have several tales floating about its design and specifications of Huawei P40 Pro. It is thought that the plan will stay relatively similar to the current P-range, with, of course, the hardware upgrades. The quality P-range is known for its excellent photography. So we will no doubt see some significant camera upgrades as well?

We will likely have an all-screen device with a not a camera, and we expect a full HD Plus OLED display. Huawei P40 Pro no doubt going to be using the Kira 990 system-on-chip. And we should see modifications by up to 8 or 10 gigs of RAM. Storage choices will suitably be for up to 512. With the addition of expandable storage with nano memory cards.

The cameras will be in the placement of Leica cam. And reports are suggesting that we may be getting a Penta camera device this time around. The photography in Huawei devices has always been incredible. To it all, no doubt, top the DxO mark charts as usual.

The device will be 5D compatible, and the battery capacity will depend on the version. But we’d expect the pro to stay throughout 4200 milliamp hours. Given that they usually provide water resistance, we can no ambiguity assume the P40 and P40 Pro to be ip68 water-resistant. Of course, with the launch expected in March, it won’t be long until we receive some reliable news.

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