Huawei is lying again

Huawei is lying again – So Huawei is back at it again. They have a pretty long history of lying to their consumers into thinking their phone is better than it is. And with their latest flagship the Huawei P40 Pro, they are doing it again. What exactly happened was Huawei ran a photography contest on Weibo to promote the P40 Pro. The company shared a video showcasing several amazing photos taken with its latest flagship. However, one person noticed that couple of photos looked familiar. And after some digging, he found out that the photos were from a photo-sharing website called 500px. And those weren’t taken from the P40 Pro but from a $3000 DSLR the Nikon D850.

As always, I’m not even surprised they did it because it happened quite a few times in the past from the same company. The last time I remember it happened with the P30 Pro, where the company published a series of photos on Weibo, implying that they were taken by the P30 series of phones. Honestly, I don’t understand why Huawei insists on making the same mistake again and again. They should know it by now that repeating the same mistakes won’t get them anywhere but only worsens their reputation. Interestingly Huawei apologized to this with a statement that it was a mistake of their editor.

Here’s what they said, In a recently uploaded Huawei NEXT-IMAGE promotional video. We showcased 30 parts of work by various professional photographers to inspire users to share their own work on their social media channels. We’ve erroneously named one of the featured pieces as one that had been shot on a Huawei smartphone. We have since removed that image from the video. We apologize for this regrettable mistake and will improve our editorial process to prevent a related incident from occurring in the future.

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Listen, It is one thing to unknowingly accept photos not made with a Huawei phone for a Huawei mobile photography contest. And it is another thing for a company to use it without verifying it. Everyone knows that this kind of contest where you can only take a picture from a specific device is prone to cheating. So it is up to the company that runs the contest to verify that it is actually taken from its devices. Especially when they want to use the said photos for their promo material.

Whether it was actually accidental or not. Their statement still feels untruthful because they’re not known for the most honest advertising methods to begin with. I mean, they have done this time, and time, and time again. And whenever they get caught, the excuse remains the same that it’s a mistake from their promotional team. It’s a shame Huawei has to resort to these unsavory tactics. No one or I can deny that they make some outstanding smartphones with great cameras. And as a matter of fact, smartphone cameras these days are getting ridiculously good. Which means they don’t have to lie about how good their cameras are. Yet they are developing a reputation for doing shady things to sell its smartphones.