Honor V30 Pro Camera, Specs, Antutu Score

Honor V30 Pro Camera, Specs, Antutu Score – Chinese companies and the US have yet to come to an agreement that would allow honor and Huawei to continue releasing devices with google services on them. However, that hasn’t stopped them from releasing devices at all. The latest phone from honor has flagship-grade internals. However, is it more than the sum of its parts, and if it ever does come to the west, should you get it. And this is our honor of the V30 Pro review.

Honor V30 Pro Design

The honor V30 Pro is a glass sandwich with an aluminum frame. And back with a pretty but not uncommon blue gradient. The frosted texture feels velvety, and the phone picks up fingerprints a little slower than most other glass phones. However, it’s also incredibly slippery, and the camera bump sticks out a little bit. So I’d recommend that you use the case in the box.

Honor V30 Pro Design

Honor V30 Pro Design

Honor also hasn’t said anything about an IP rating or alterative glass they’re using. So the extra protection wouldn’t be a mess. Whether you use it or decide to forego it. This phone is a bit of a mammoth. It’s wide thick and heavy, and one-handed use can be a bit difficult even with magic you eye gestures.

Both the V30 pro and the regular V30 are these sizes. So if you like compact devices better, you should keep this in mind. As far as biometrics, however, the V30 Pro has one of the fastest fingerprint readers I’ve ever used. On its side and if you use it, you’ll probably forget your phone has a lock screen.


As for the screen itself, this one is a nearly six-point six-inch IPS LCD. This phone comes with a hole punch in the corner and some pretty thin bezels. Wow, this looks modern and fashionable. It wasn’t the best choice for a display. Because there are some really noticeable halos next to the top and bottom bezels around the punch hole. If you can ignore that, the screen is good but not amazing.

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Whites tend to skew towards blue, and color stood to be oversaturated in vivid mode. And in normal mode, while color accuracy is significantly better, brightness fell from 534 nets to 494 nits. Honestly, the color accuracy is forgivable.

Whether you like the screen depends on whether you can forgive the halos next to the bezels. As far as the other side of media consumption goes. This phone includes a headphone jack adapter in the box. and sound with wired headphones is average. Surprisingly while the V30 Pro has Bluetooth 5.1. It doesn’t support most hi-fi audio codecs.

Honor V30 Pro Specs

The Honor V30 Pro is quite fast, it sports a cure in 995 G chipset. Which is an improved variant of the vanilla cure in 990 found in 4G phones like the main 30 Pro? As a result of V30 Pro outperform, the Mate 30 Pro in multiple benchmarks. It’s also one of the only chipsets that have an integrated 5G modem embedded. So if you happen to have a 5G plan, you’ll probably have better battery life and nonintegrated solutions.

Honor V30 Pro Google Play

Honor V30 Pro Google Play

The honor of V30 Pro has Android 10 with magic UI 3.0. But as I mentioned, it has no official support for Google Services. All the same, we did manage to get the Play Store up and running. Although the loophole which we use might be patched in future releases by either honor of Google. Magic UI hasn’t changed much from previous versions.

Honor V30 Pro Android

Honor V30 Pro Android

Mostly the visuals have been freshened up. The navigation menu looks a little more modern. And less cramped and the gesture-based navigation seems to be the same as before. The biggest change seems to be a new system-wide dark mode. while the dark theme looks cool and reduces the strain on your eyes. The battery life won’t benefit from this feature since it is an LCD.

Battery Life

Where the honor of V30 Pro really shines is battery life. With the 4100 milliamp-hour battery, it scored an excellent 102 hours hour endurance test. Charging was even more impressive because a phone got from zero to 100% in 50 minutes. Making it one of the fastest charging solutions around.

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Honor V30 Pro Camera

Moving on to the turbo camera set up. This phone packs quite the punch. The main cam has an F 1.6 aperture and a 40-megapixel sensor. That’s the same one that you’ll find on a Mate 30 Pro. It uses the standard RGB matrix, which is supposed to help with light sensitivity.

Unsurprisingly daylight photos from this camera or nothing short of flagship worthy. With excellent colors, dynamic range, nice contrast, and plenty of detail. The 8-megapixel telephoto camp offers 3 times optical zoom and is optically stabilized. Photos taken with a telephoto look fuzzier than the main cams and have a narrow dynamic range.

Honor V30 Pro Specs

Honor V30 Pro Specs

Otherwise, color reproduction is similar, and there’s plenty of detail. The ultra-wide camera uses a more standard 12-megapixel sensor with an F 2.2 aperture. Sadly, in contrast to the main cam, ultra-wide photos are much softer. And have an unspectacular dynamic range. In low-light, the 40-megapixel camera has an impressive dynamic range even without resorting to night mode. And good detail sharpness and colors.

Night mode brightens shadows and makes objects pop out more. It’s not very aggressive in comparison to some rival implementations. And we recommend that you use it in almost every low-light situation. The telephoto is more of a mixed bag, and here you’ve really shouldn’t rely on it without night mode. In general, photos look good, but getting a proper shot is challenging. Because you have to stand still for five or more seconds. So this software can take enough images to stack.

The ultra-wide camera was a mess. While colors and dynamic range were okay. Photos were soft and lacking detail. Night mode doesn’t help as much, and we recommend sticking to the main cam in the evenings.

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Selfie Cameras

On the front of the phone, our two selfie cameras. A 32-megapixel main shooter and an 8 megapixel one for ultra-wide shots. Selfies in the main cam were particularly sharp. We’re happy with the overall quality. And lowlights are much softer, but at least there’s a dedicated night mode for really dark environments. The ultra-wide snapper offers similar renditions. But it offers less detail, and it’s a bit on the soft side.

Honor V30 Pro Videos

As far as videos are concerned, you can shoot 4K at 30fps of a V30 Pro. And unlike many phones, you can use both the main and the ultra-wide camera. Sadly you still can’t take 4K video with this telle photo. In general 4K footage from the main camp looks sharp with no noise and good dynamic range.

Strangely enough, moving objects in the distance like color. And as they get closer, its colors progressively start to pop up. This was the same in both 4k and 1080p. So we theorized that it has something to do with the phone’s noise suppression algorithm.

Honor is marketing the ultra-wide camera as a single. But while the lens itself is ultra-wide, it’s not as wide as other such cameras in the market. Still, it performed quite well with nice color, dynamic range, and no noise. We didn’t see the decolorization issue. But the footage was softer, and the autofocus seemed to be failing at times.

Honor V30 Pro Release Date

Even if the Honor V30 pro were to hit stores outside of China. It needs to be released really soon for it to stand a chance. Because it’s facing some pretty tough competition. It has a good battery life, a good chipset, and amazing camera performance. But the screen is a little lacking. And the lack of Google services for the foreseeable future. Well, that’s a huge problem unless you’re in China and you don’t need Google and the Play Store. This is not a phone that you should or even can buy. Hopefully, the political situation involves. But until then, this is a phone that’s probably not gonna get a lot of Western attention.