Galaxy Tab S6 Is Better Laptop Replacement than iPad Pro?

Galaxy Tab S6 Is Better Laptop Replacement than iPad Pro? – Samsung just announced its latest flagship tablet the Tab S6. And I’ve got to say that this is probably the best tablet for replacing a laptop. Even better than the iPad Pro with its impressive iPad OS update scheduled for full release this fall. We’ll talk about exactly why the Galaxy Tab S6 is likely a better choice in just a bit. But first, let me tell you why I’m excited about it.

Just a few months ago, Samsung released the S5e. A budget tablet that I genuinely really liked but told most people not to buy it in my full review, but the S6 changes that suggestion. I love how thin and lightweight the S5e is the loud quad speakers. And on top of that the gorgeous AM OLED 16:10 display, which is excellent for media consumption.

With that said, there were a few significant downsides that made it hard to recommend. The first was the Snapdragon 670 CPU which is mediocre for today’s standard. And really worrisome if you want to keep it for a few years. Paired with the midrange CPU is a weak GPU, which made gaming an inferior experience. And lastly, there is no pen support which is a dealbreaker for some people.

We’ll the new S6 fixed all of those things giving us pen support like the previous Tab S4. And a CPU that can handle everything you throw at it. They’ve made some physical changes like removing the side-mounted fingerprint scanner opting for an optical under-display scanner.

Galaxy Tab S6 Pen

Galaxy Tab S6 Pen

I have to say that this is an exciting choice given their flagship phones use an ultrasonic scanner. We also have an updated keyboard and a new pen that’s included in the box and connects magnetically on the back.

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We also now have dual-cameras on the back, one being a 5MP ultrawide lens. Even with these additions, the tablet is only 20grams more substantial than the S5e and only 5.7mm thick. Meaning this will still be a fantastic device for extended handheld use. But this article isn’t just about the hardware. But about how the new Galaxy Tab S6 is a better laptop replacement than the iPad Pro.

The most important thing that could make the Galaxy Tab S6 a better laptop replacement than the iPad Pro is a pretty fantastic feature called Samsung Dex. It’s basically an operating system that’s instantly accessible from an app. What’s so special about it is that it gives you full cursor support. And you get a desktop layout that’s very similar to Windows 10, with a start menu and app shortcuts right on the desktop.

You get incredible multitasking with rearrangeable windows and apps minimize into the menu bar as well. Not only that, but you get traditional drag and drop file storage support. Just like we’re used to on a Windows or Mac computer.

To put the cherry on top, the available keyboard case actually comes with a trackpad. Now we won’t be able to tell how well it works until we get the Galaxy Tab S6 in our office. But the built-in trackpad makes it feel so much more like an actual laptop, especially while in Dex!

Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard

Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard

While Apple’s iPad does get mouse support, it just mimics touch input instead of actually registering clicks. So you can’t really use it like you would on a desktop computer. With the Galaxy Tab S6, though, you can plug it into an external monitor, connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and turn on Dex to have a legitimate desktop computer experience.

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And to make it even better, the Tab S6 comes with the stylus in the box. Unlike the Apple Pencil, which you have to purchase separately for $130. The best part is that the 256GB of storage model only costs $729. And it comes with 8GB of RAM compared to the iPad Pros 4GB of RAM.

And if you buy the keyboard case before September 22, you can get it for half off. That means that with the Tab S6, you can get a complete setup with 256GB of storage, the Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB of RAM, the stylus, and the trackpad-packing keyboard case for a total of $819.

The 11” iPad Pro with 256GB of storage, the Apple Pencil, and the Smart Keyboard Folio will cost you $1107. So you’re saving almost $300 by going with the Galaxy Tab S6 instead. But while the Tab S6 looks incredible on the spec sheet. Things may change when we get our hands on it and actually compare the two side by side.

For example, there are way more apps on the iPad that works really great. Compared to some Android apps that suffer from poor optimization and resolution issues on Samsung’s tablets. So if you want to see us compare the Tab S6 and the iPad Pro. Make sure subscribing and follow us on Social Media for daily tech information like this. And I’ll see you in the next one!