Galaxy Note 20 Plus Have A Larger Fingerprint Recognition Area

Galaxy Note 20 Plus Have A Larger Fingerprint Recognition Area – So almost 15 months ago, Samsung launched a brand-new fingerprint sensor that applies sound waves. It was produced by Qualcomm, which is more secure than the optical fingerprint scanner. But there was one problem with it that annoyed a lot of people and still to this day. And it’s the fact that the fingerprint recognition area is so small. I mean, you need to correctly place your finger on this small recognition area. Otherwise, it won’t unlock the phone, which gets annoying sometimes.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus
Galaxy Note 20 Plus

But a few months ago, Qualcomm unveiled the successor to this fingerprint sensor. And addressed the issue by making it a lot bigger – 17 times, to be exact. Not only that, but they also made it faster and more secure. By making it identify blood flow and heart rate as a different level about authentication that the thumb is located on the sensor is actually a live person’s. Also, this new sensor handles two fingers at once. That means double the security or something like that.

Really, I’m not positive what the benefit of scanning two fingers at once would be for most people. Anyway, Qualcomm unveiled this new sensor in December last year. We thought Samsung would equip it with the Galaxy S20, but that didn’t happen. The S20 has the same fingerprint sensor as the S10. But thankfully, it looks like Samsung may finally introduce this new fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy Note 20.

Ross Young did an interview where he gave some Galaxy Note 20 details. And he said Samsung may be the first company to introduce this tech to the world with the Galaxy Note 20. Which is great news if Note 20 ends up with this tech. People who got their hands on with this new scanner mentioned that it’s way faster and convenient than the current Ultrasonic scanners on devices like the S10 and Note 10.

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So fingers crossed that this new component ends up with Note 20 in the production line. Also, Ross Young clears the doubt that some people had about whether or not the Note 20 would see an under-display camera technology. He said it will have a hole punch cutout in the middle, just like the S20. Although I’m hoping it to be a little smaller in diameter.

Next, he talked about the batteries on Note 20. He expects the two phones to have batteries ranging between 4,000mAh and 5,000mAh. A few weeks ago, the battery capacity of Note 20 had been leaked, and it’s 4000mAh to be exact. Although we don’t about the Galaxy Note 20 Plus‘s battery size. It’s safe to assume it should be somewhere between 4700 to 5000mAh.

He also talked about the RAM count. He said both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus will have 16GB RAM as standard. This is cool, But I think there should be other RAM configuration available as well to keep the cost down for price-sensitive markets. Earlier it was also said the Galaxy S20 will only be possible with 12GB as standard and S20 Ultra with 16GB. But Samsung is selling 8GB S20 and S20+ variants and 12GB Ultra variants.

So expect other RAM configurations too, but it’s good to know the Galaxy Note 20 series will top out at 16GB. Finally, the release date will launch the Note 20 along with the Fold 2 in early August. And will release it to the public at the end of August or early September. That’s pretty much what Ross revealed so far in the interview.

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