Galaxy Book Are Here To Replace Old Models

Galaxy Book Are Here To Replace Old Models – I’m here with two of Samsung’s new laptops, that will be out early next year. This is the Galaxy Book Flex, and here is the Galaxy Book Ion. They’re replacing some of Samsung’s older lineup. Galaxy Book Flex, in particular, is replacing the old Notebook 9 Pen, and the Galaxy Book Ion is replacing the standard Notebook 9.

These laptops look really good, or at least really good compared to Samsung’s old design. Which, if we’re being honest, was really bad. It’s a similar design language that Samsung introduced earlier this year with the Notebook 9 Pro, that it introduced at CES. And now it’s trickling down to the rest of the range.

Now, in addition to the new design, Samsung is making a bunch of improvements across both laptops to make them a little more modern. The most significant change is the display, which is now a QLED display, similar to the ones that Samsung uses on its high-end TVs. Samsung says the screen should have better colour accuracy and they’re also much brighter. There’s a new outdoors mode, that lets them crank up to up to 600 Nits outdoors, and they’ll go up to 400 Nits on regular mode. They’re bright, they look great. Especially compared to the old laptops.

Galaxy Book Flex

Galaxy Book Flex

Galaxy Book Ion

Galaxy Book Ion

Another significant improvement here is battery life. Samsung says that it’s dramatically improved battery life on both laptops. It means they both should last all day without any issues, although we’ll obviously have to test that one out for ourselves before we know for sure. Another weird and interesting battery-related thing is these touchpads. You see they do not use just touchpads, they’re actually full Qi wireless chargers. So you have your laptop out, and you can take your phone or your smartwatch or your wireless headphones.

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And just drop them on the touchpad, and you can charge them. It’s weird, but it’s kind of neat. And it’s honestly the sort of thing that I might actually end up using. Like, if you’re using your laptop at your desk, and you don’t need the touchpad because you have a mouse or something. Why not use it to charge your phone?

Also new is new S Pen, which like the new S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10, introduced earlier this year, now has new Bluetooth and motion sensing features that let you use it to do things like, control slideshows, or you know, move from afar. And it stores right on the side of the laptop.

Now, if you saw Samsung’s Notebook Nine Pro from earlier this year, you’ll notice a lot of the similarities in the design language. Gone are those weird, bubbly corners that were on the old Samsung laptops. You have these much tighter almost squared radiuses that just look a little more professional and less like a toy. Which is really just lovely to see. You also notice the bezels on display have been dramatically shrunken down on both laptops. Which is great because smaller bezels are great. No one likes big bezels.

Both laptops also feature an all-metal design, Galaxy Book Flex is aluminium, and the Galaxy Book Ion is magnesium. Which feels a little more plasticky, and a few more lightweight but it’s not plastic. Both laptops come in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. They feature the usual spec boost that you’d expect from a year over year update.

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The Galaxy Book Flex has Intel’s new 10th gen Ice Lake processors. Whereas the Galaxy Book Ion has the 10th gen Comet Lake processors. We don’t know a lot about the rest of the specs, the more prominent 15-inch models will have the option for an Nvidia MX250 external GPU. But Samsung hasn’t given us details on things like exact specs, pricing, release date. All of which it says should be coming in early 2020. And that the laptops should probably be priced similar to the existing Notebook 9, and Notebook 9 Pen.