Bring Custom RDNA Graphics To Exynos

Bring Custom RDNA Graphics To Exynos – There was lots of confusion when AMD last year declared a business with Samsung that would bring RDNA graphics to smartphones. But we haven’t heard much since then. Until last week when a GPU benchmark leak of this new AMD GPU was leaked where the graphics benchmarks only thoroughly beat the strong Adreno 650 GPU found in Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC by displaying numbers that are almost 3 times more than Qualcomm’s latest offering.

The Exynos 1000 which is a 5nm processor powering the next year’s Samsung flagship will have this new AMD graphics. But it looks like Samsung and AMD aren’t focused on just smartphones. But they want to conquer the gaming console market as well. Yes, Nintendo is tipped to be among the first third-party partners to adopt this SoC from Samsung and AMD. Which should supply it a critical boost, not just treating performance related to the Switch current console family. But more a hugely superior graphics subsystem.

AMD RDNA Architecture

AMD RDNA Architecture

The current Nintendo Switch is powered by a refreshed version of the NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC. Hardware that first debuted back in 2015 and ever since it hasn’t received any improvement in the chip department. However, Nintendo is seriously considering leaving NVIDIA behind in favor of Samsung and AMD for better performance. By the way, Sony has already selected AMD’s RDNA architecture for the next PlayStation. So it kinda gives me chills thinking that the 2021 Samsung flagships will have the same graphics architecture used by the most prominent players in the gaming console market.

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Regardless, it’s about time Samsung ditched the Mali GPU, which was one of the biggest reasons for the inferior performance from the Exynos chips. The Samsung AMD team should bring some real competition to Apple and Qualcomm next year. And the Galaxy S21 could be the first phone in a long while to do just that. Of course, Qualcomm is not going to sit still. Their next chipset will bring improvements as well. The specifications of which have been leaked as well.

RDNA Graphics

RDNA Graphics

But apart from the names of the chip components. We don’t have any numbers to gauge the performance gains from Qualcomm’s flagship chipset next year. I guess time will tell who’s going to reign supreme when the battle for the supremacy is going to take place next year with the Galaxy S21.

Here’s the best selling Samsung phone in Q1 of 2020. So we have sales numbers for smartphones sold in quarter one of this year. And unsurprisingly, the iPhone 11 tops the chart with sell-in shipments estimated at 18 million units. The Redmi Note 8 took the No.2 spot. While Samsung’s Galaxy A51 was the third most popular and the best-selling smartphone of the company for that period.

Samsung sold 6 million units of these phones in Q1. Apart from the Galaxy A51, three other Galaxy A-series phones were among the ten best-selling phones globally: Galaxy A10s, A20s, and Galaxy A01. Unlike Apple, however, not a single Samsung flagship phone made it to the Top 10 list. Which should give them a lesson to price their flagships sensibly next time.

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