Apple Will Kills The Port – What Does It Mean

Apple Will Kills The Port – What Does It Mean – There’s a growing sense that Apple is gonna be removing the Lightning port off of their iPhones. In two years to make an iPhone that is completely no ports. It’ll be entirely dependent on wireless everything. Wireless charging, wireless connectivity, and I can’t say I’m surprised. But at the same time, it’s strange like they would be moving from lightning ports that they’ve had on their iPhones for six-seven years. And then moving to a completely port list of devices. They’d be skipping UCC completely. And I feel like there’s an exciting conversation around this topic.

So Apple has this weird or fantastic or bizarre track record of being able to sell an idea that people don’t think that they want. Into something that gets adopted by the industry and consumers to the point where it becomes this desirable feature. So as an example, like their computers back in the day, they launched the MacBook Air. And they started this laptop that did not have an optical drive. And at the time people were like this is crazy. You’re selling a laptop that doesn’t have a CD drive, like who wants that. Years later, that’s what everyone wants.

Apple Will Kills The Port

And same with us PC ports on their Mac books. There obtained a ton of feedback when they launched with that thing. And it’s been slower to adopt, but a lot of laptop manufacturers are now making these use PC port only devices. But the biggest and just craziest example of Apple’s ability to do this was their courageous removal of the headphone jack. When they first announced the iPhone 7, people were up in arms about the disappearance of that port.

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Because the headphone jack is such an integral part of their smartphone experience. If you want to listen to music, take a caller just plug up your headphones, and you’re good to go. And they remove it, so people were upset. Companies were making fun of them; there were ads or mocking the disappearance of this port. But two years later, look where we are now. Every single smartphone manufacturer, their flagship phones, have now removed the headphone jack.

And I don’t know if it’s because Apple’s really good at marketing stuff. Or if just companies realize that you can make some extra money if you remove this port. And make no mistake about it every phone company that has removed their headphone jacks from their phones. And now selling you some wireless earbuds alongside. Like Apple has their AirPods, Samsung has Galaxy Buds, OnePlus the Wireless Bullets. And also their new upcoming wireless earbuds that were leaked. So I wouldn’t be surprised if at this point every phone company’s like thankful to Apple for having opened this door for extra revenue.

Apple Will Remove All Port

Now the concept of a fully wireless portless iPhone is not new. Back in 2017, there were rumors that even the iPhone 10 was slated to be a wireless phone with no port. But it seems like a wireless charging technique for them at times. The accident and came with regular lightning ports on their phones. But I don’t think that the user experience for iPhones would really change all that much if these phones became Wireless. Like these phones have access to airdrop, they have good wireless charging, and even iOS developers have had access to wireless app development for a while since 2017, I think. It does, however, change apple revenue. Like now, they’re able to sell wireless stuff accessories, wireless dongles, wireless things to connect to other devices that don’t have wireless capabilities. It’s extra revenue for them.

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And there’s the idea that if Apple does this and somehow, the revenue streams are nice for a wireless port ‘less iPhone. What’s to stop Android from copying. The same way that they copied the removal of the headphone jack in pursuit of extra revenue. and this is my issue with this. For Android phones, half the reason why I like my Android phone so much. It is because of their ability to connect to my computer with a USB C cable. Like being able to transfer files to and from my phone is something I really value. And I feel like a lot of Android users are in that same boat. Now there are probably some advantages to a port list phone like it might make waterproofing easier. And might make the design aesthetic a little cleaner.

In theory, there’s more room in there. So you can have a bigger battery, but that’s the argument they were using with the headphone jack. And there’s probably not much merit to that. I don’t know, we’ve seen how powerful Apple’s decisions can be. Like on the iPhone 7, when they removed that port, it was this simple decision that had a considerable effect on the entire smartphone industry. So what’s your take on this. Like personally, I think this is gonna happen. I feel like Apple has been trying to make this port lists wireless phones for a while, it all makes sense. And like if you’re an Apple user, are you cool with this. But I think the bigger question is do you think this is the direction that smartphones are gonna take these portless devices down the line.

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