Apple Finally Defeats Samsung in CR Ratings

Apple Finally Defeats Samsung in CR Ratings – So iPhone 11 Pro is one of the worst looking smartphones ever. But if we put aside this abomination for a moment, then it’s really a useful device. Apple has made some meaningful changes, but it does make a massive difference to the users day to day life.

The battery, camera, and speed are few of those notable changes which make the difference. And that’s what consumer reports are saying about the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. You see, for years, Samsung has been dominating the consumers report charts for the best smartphone of that particular year.

New iPhone 11 Design
New iPhone 11 Design

You need to pay and become a member to see the rankings. But if I remember correctly, ever since the Galaxy S7 Samsung has been topping the consumer reports charts. But Samsung made some controversial decisions with the Galaxy Note 10, notably the removal of the headphone jack, and I see that affected their rankings here.

Samsung Note 10+ Design
Samsung Note 10+ Design

If you don’t understand what consumer reports are, it’s a nonprofit organization of experts who reviews electronic gadgets. Unlike DxOMark, and DisplayMate consumer reports doesn’t work with the companies and the products they’re considering on.

One Is The Battery

In fact, they don’t even accept review units from companies, they buy them at retail and review it independently. So we can be assured that they are totally unbiased. Anyway, here are few reasons why the iPhone 11 Pro Max topped their chart.

In their test, it lasted about 40.5hours, that’s the longest stretch of any phone they ever reviewed. Before the 11 Pro, the battery wasn’t really the strength of Apple. In fact, iPhones had mediocre to miserable battery life. But this year Apple increased the thickness of the phone and cranked in a bigger battery that really made a huge difference.

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2nd Significant Improvement Was The Camera

Consumer Reports said that the 11 Pro takes perfect still images and excellent videos, and I totally agree. Apple really stepped up its camera game this year, even though it looks like ***. But it does the job really well. Other notable improvements are a higher degree of water resistance, more durable glass casing, brighter displays, and faster performance by the new A13 Bionic chip. Consumer reports also said that the iPhone 11 Pro barely edged out Samsung’s flagships. The difference was only 1 point.

The Galaxy Note 10+ is still a fantastic handset, the best phone that I’ve ever owned. But it looks like the iPhone 11 Pro Max has better battery life, IP rating, speed, and camera. That helped it to take the top spot in their rankings. I think Samsung should have focused more on the camera this year because that’s what their competitors did.

iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and even the upcoming Pixel 3 XL will have the camera as their main upgrade this year, and Samsung kinda was left behind in this department this year.

By the way, the camera on the Note 10+ is perfect, for an average human being, you can barely tell the difference between the 11 Pro and Note 10+’s camera samples. But Consumer reports is no average consumer, and they can tell the difference, and it’s reflected in their ratings. But thankfully, that’s going to change with the Galaxy S11 because that’s going to witness a significant camera upgrade.

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Samsung's Camera
Samsung’s Camera

Rumors say that it’s gonna be Samsung’s most significant camera upgrade in 4 years. Let’s see how that plays out, and let’s see whether or not the Galaxy S11+ will be able to take back the top spot from the 11 Pro Max. That being said, please consider subscribing for daily tech information like this, and as always, I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!