Acer ConceptD 500 Will Be The Most Overpriced PC

Acer ConceptD 500 Will Be The Most Overpriced PC – So right beside me, I have the Acer ConceptD 500. This is a desktop PC that’s aimed towards creators. They actually announced this back in April but are finally selling it today. I like the design. It’s very clean. It’s minimalistic has this white look to it. You have contrast by using the wood panel color on top. You have a place to charge your smartphone wirelessly tons of IO!

Acer ConceptD 500 includes an SD card slot for creators that need it. You have a place for your headphones, which is also a nice touch. Specs are pretty good i7 9700K, 32 gigabytes of RAM, you have two drives, and even have a powerful RTX Quadro 4000 GPU. But that’s where the good things end because the price of this thing is 3750 US dollars.

Now, I have no problem recommending a product that costs that much, but the price needs to justify the means because if I were to build this myself, it would cost $2,100, and I would have better parts inside of my PC than this guy. Now, I know some of you don’t have the time to build your own PC. Or the know-how and some of you feel more peace of mind when you purchase a pre-built from a manufacturer. Because you get a better warranty. And usually, there’s a price premium associated with that.

Acer ConceptD 500 Specs

But when the price is almost double the absolutely absurd cost. This should only cost six to seven hundred dollars more than a PC that I built myself. To put that into more viewpoint for you, if I was to go to another company that offers pre-built systems, let’s say like Puget Systems. I could get the exact same specs with a more powerful GPU, the RTX 2080 for 3300 dollars.

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To make matters even worse, an iMac is actually the same price as this but with a more powerful CPU! The i9 iMac with the most powerful GPU, 32 gigabytes of RAM, and a 2 terabyte hard drive costs 3750, but you also get a built-in 5K retina display. This does not come with a screen. If you want to buy their 5K Concept Display, you’re gonna have to dish out an extra 2150 US.

Now, I wouldn’t be as harsh if they like built this from the ground up, but all they did was take a regular PC case put plastic paneling around it to give you that oval look. Inside the components are nothing special either these are standard off the shelf components. I even think the CPU cooler is the stock Intel cooler.

Acer ConceptD 500 Price

Now, I know I sound harsh, and yes, I did confirm with Acer that this was the actual price point. Whoever priced this product should never be allowed to price anything ever again for Acer. Because that person mostly just priced this product entirely out of the market. No one is going to buy this for that price point. The value is just not there. This shouldn’t cost any more than 2700 to 2,800 dollars US.

Now I’m nominating this as the biggest rip-off of 2019 if they decide to lower the price to something more respectable for the specs that it offers. I’d be happy to review it again. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this news. Acer, I apologize. I know there’s a lot of great people working on Acer ConceptD 500, but sometimes you make mistakes, and this happens to be one of them.

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