Acer Concept D7 Price, Battery Life, Release Date

Acer Concept D7 Price, Battery Life, Release Date – This is a brand new product that was announced back in April by Acer it’s their Concept D7 laptop. This is part of their creator line. A bunch of laptop vendors decided to create creator versions of some of their high performing gaming laptops. This is a program that was started by Nvidia. Now, as you can tell this looks precisely like the Acer Triton 500, but instead of having a logo in the middle, it’s just painted all in white. They both shared the same chassis.

Now don’t let that fool you because there’s a lot of differences in Acer Concept D7 to make it more appealing to creators. It’s the same weight, 4.6 pounds. So you can easily fit this in your bag. Port situation is also the same which means on the left-hand side you have your power connector, RJ45, USB 3.0, full-size HDMI and then your audio ports. And on the right-hand side, you have two more USB ports, you have your mini display port, USB type-c, Thunderbolt 3 port, and of course your LED lights.

It is Thunderbolt 3, so you can hook up an external GPU. But I do wish this had an SD card slot. So internally just like the Triton 500, the motherboard flips. Which means if you want to access the SSD and the RAM you have to take the motherboard out to do so. It is upgradable the one in here is one terabyte, and it’s really really fast. You do have three fans like the Triton 500 with heat pipes running across the middle.

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Acer Concept D7 Battery Life

Now, the battery size is 80 watts, and you would think with a 4K display and an H series processor that battery life wouldn’t be that great. But surprisingly, I got 6 hours and 30 minutes of use doing productivity before needing to charge. That’s quite impressive for a laptop with such a powerful CPU, GPU and a 4K display. Opening the display does pass the one hand test without any issues, and the display is 16:9 and 4K. It’s matte but not Matt like me, which means it’s going to be able to handle harsh lighting conditions like you’re not going to have those crazy reflections you would get on a glossy display. It’s not touching but it does have good colour accuracy.

Now, don’t let the Pantone validated sticker fool you. This doesn’t guarantee that this display is factory calibrated, but this doesn’t ensure that the colour accuracy is impeccable. Now, based on my testing, this display has a very low delta e score. It also has very high SRGB, Adobe RGB and P3 ratings. It also has decent brightness like 325, but it’s not as bright as something like the MacBook Pro.

The display is 60hz, there’s no Windows Hello, there’s no fingerprint scanner. But you do get the exact same potato camera that you get on the Acer Triton 500. Now speakers are coming out of the bottom of the laptop. And they get reasonably loud, there’s absolutely no base. But it does have good mid-range and treble. Just note that it’s kind of tinny because the sound is coming out of the bottom of the laptop.

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So the specs are pretty neat RTX 2080 max-q, i7 9750H, 32 gigabytes of RAM and a 1 terabyte NVME SSD. And if that’s not enough power for you, they also have a D7 Pro with a beefier CPU and an RTX Quadro card. Now performance on this is different compared to the Triton 500. Performance is going to be better than something like the Lenovo X1 Extreme or Dell XPS 15. But it’s not going to be as good as their gaming laptops.

Acer Concept D7 Release Date

The reason Acer is taking a different approach. They’re still giving you the power, but they’re toning it down to have a quieter experience. Fan noise on this is ridiculously low. Like inline or if not more economical than a MacBook Pro under load 40 to 45 decibels. Which means you can hear the fans, but they’re not overbearing. Now because this does have an RTX 2080. You can game on this thing as well, like I was getting excellent frame rates. Obviously not as good as the Triton 500. But I could still play any AAA titles with setting set to high at 1080P or on 4K.

The keyboard is the same layout as well, but it feels better. They didn’t use those rubber keys as the Triton 500 has. It has more of a springy clicky mechanism to and I actually quite enjoy it a lot. Backlighting is not RGB; it’s just an orange colour you can increase or decrease the brightness to your needs. Touchpad really good, very accurate, it’s glass using Windows Precision drivers no complaints there.

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So here my closing thoughts, the concept Acer Concept D7 is a great way to revamp a gaming laptop into something that’s appealing towards creators. If this were like five years ago, I would be the happiest human on the planet. But we have such a big push towards creators now that I feel this laptop is missing a few key features. SD card slot would have been excellent, but it’s not the end of the world. Windows Hello should be there, whether it’s through facial recognition or fingerprint scanner. And because this is $3,000, it’s the exact same price as a similarly spec MacBook Pro 16. And I think for a lot of people it becomes a hard decision.