2019 Beats Solo Pro Review

2019 Beats Solo Pro Review – So right in front of me have a brand new pair of headphones these are the Beats Solo Pro this is the latest version for 2019. They’ve been revamped redesigned, and now they’re wireless. It cost $300 US or 380 Canadian rupees here in Canada, and they’re available to buy today!

Beats Solo Pro Design And Specs

Now when you buy it, you open up the box. This is what you’re gonna see. You’re gonna get this soft fabric case, which I think is probably recycled material. It’s not a durable case, but it’s strong enough to protect your headphones from small scratches and of course, bumps. Besides that, in the box, you get a black lightning cable, and you get a little connector that allows you to attach your headphones to a bag or some sort of another accessory.

Beats Solo Pro Price

Now the headphones themselves come in various colors. I went with the gray and gold because I just think it looks absolutely classy, and as soon as you open them up. They automatically turn on and automatically connect to your device. Now in the right beats fashion because they’re currently working with Apple. They’re one company they have the H1 chip inside of it. This means you get that beautiful pairing with your iOS devices. It’ll automatically detect it, and it will connect to it. You can automatically start listening to music!

The other benefit of the H1 chip is the processing that it does in the background. Now, for example, because these are now using active noise cancellation. The beamforming microphones embedded inside will continuously scan the environment and optimize whatever audio you’re listening to. And make sure it sounds more like the original file.

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Beats Solo Pro Call Quality

The device is made out of all metal, so it feels beautiful and premium. You have plusher pads than you did in the previous generation. So when they sit on the sides of your ears, they feel a lot more comfortable. In terms of head cramping, it feels enjoyable on the top. Like it doesn’t squish my brain, but there is some sort of stiffness on the ears.

Now there are two buttons on this device. You have the right click pad, which allows you to do things like changing the volume. For example, if I press it upwards, it’s going to change the volume of the song. If I press it down, obviously it’s going to lower the volume. And if I press the middle, it’s going to pause or play the track. And then when If I push it twice, it’s going to skip to the next song, and if I press it three times, it’s going to go to the previous song.

Beats Solo Pro Call Quality

Now noise cancelation, this is a big deal about these solo pros. You have one button to activate it. Unfortunately, you can’t control the amount of noise cancellation, and you’re receiving it. It’s either on or off. It’s not the strongest noise cancellation I’ve used. There’s stronger than I’ve used in the past with previous headphones. But it’s still strong enough.

That it will block out all that ambient noise inside of a plane or a loud noisy environment. If you turn it off, you go to transparency mode. And transparency mode allows the sounds of the situation in. And because it’s packing that H1 chip, it’s using some of its processing to make sure whatever sounds that are coming in sound as natural as possible.

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Beats Solo Pro Design And Specs

So battery life has been amazing, like 22 hours if you have noise cancellation on. Or 40 hours if you decide to leave it off. So these things will last you a very long time. It has that fast fuel technology embedded inside, which is like fast charging. If you charge this for literally 10 minutes, you’re gonna get three hours of use. Also, with the latest updates to iOS 13, you have that beautiful feature of using multiple devices with your iPhone. This supports AirPods, so like three or four people can be sharing the same iPhone get audio and watch content together. So the big question the one you’ve been waiting for. How do these things sound?

And I’ll be honest with you, beats used to have a poor reputation in the past for very bass-heavy headphones. But ever since I have reviewed the Powerbeats Pro. I found their sound spectrum to have completely changed for the better. These guys sound excellent. I was impressed like I’ve been using the Jabra elite 85H’s. And they have a very flat sound spectrum it sounds good. But these are more vibrant like it takes the treble. It takes the mid-range, and it makes the bass, and it pushes it up on the sound wave. And overall, what you get is a more vibrant experience.

Beats Solo Pro Launch Date

Are these reference monitor headphones obviously not. But they do have the right sound spectrum. Making the music, I listen to sound very enjoyable. So to wrap this up, the Beats Solo Pro is a nice upgrade from the original edition. They do cost $300, meaning there’s a lot of competition at its price point. I think if you’re looking for a solid pair of headphones, you’re embedded in the Apple ecosystem. You want the advantages of the H1 chip while having good noise cancellation, and you don’t mind carrying around a dongle. I think you’re gonna absolutely love the new Beats Solo Pro. They’re also sweat-resistant now, which is something that a lot of people wanted.

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